January 2017

Hapy New Year

Welcome to 2017. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with lots of happy clients and forward bookings made, to ensure the rest of January and February continue to be strong. Now is a great time to refocus everyone on the importance of offering the service of re-booking. So easy to do in the lead up to Christmas, but equally easy to slack off and allow your re-booking rate to drop now. This will keep your salon busy, better than any marketing strategy, so be sure you have goals that everyone knows and understand and as the great manager you are going to be in 2017, start off by managing consistently this key service in your salon.

I also suggest everyone takes some time to review 2016. Think about what you achieved. Congratulate yourself for all the good things you did. You often forget just how many things you do manage to successfully complete during a year. This should form the basis to think about your year ahead.

Review 2016 and plan for 2017

Have you set your goals for the year? Statistics prove that if you set a goal and write it down and really commit to achieving it, you have 75% more chance of success than if you don’t write it down. So that is your first step. Before you set your goals I suggest you look back on 2016 to see what you achieved and then move forward. Here is link to Your Management Kick Start for 2017. If you are a coaching client we will review this together at our first coaching for the year.

If you are not coaching with me please use it to help your plan.

My New Website

I have finally found the time to do a new web site. Way overdue! It does take so much time to do this to get it right and I am almost here.

It will go live in early February with lots of new benefits for everyone.

My Saying for the Year

Each year I have “A Year of Something” and for me and those around me this year will be the “The Year of Communication”. Each month I will be giving you a tip on how you can communicate and relate to your team better and how you can teach them to also develop this vital skill for both salon and personal life. Coaching clients who already receive Strategies for Staff Success will be getting some new communication tools to work with each month.

My January Tip: It is not what you say, but how you say it that matters. Voice tone can convey many different messages. When you are angry your tone tells others that you are. If you are rushed (and this happens often in a salon) your voice tone tells others that you are. If you are bored and disinterested your voice tone tells others that you are.

The tip is to make sure that you take action to lose the anger, get more organized and make sure you enjoy coming to work each day. If you don’t feel good on the inside the words will never come out right.

Mini Marketing Kit

To get you started for the New Year I would suggest that everyone should review and plan their marketing for the year. I have enclosed a link to a mini marketing calendar, so that you can use to put on your thinking cap and see what you can come up with. Ask yourself what do you need and use that as the basis for your planning.

How Do You Promote Your Business Without Spending a Lot of Money?

A very timely question because everyone will be putting together their marketing plan for 2017. The first step is to work out how much you should spend and I always suggest 1-3%, definitely no more unless there is a very good reason. The next step is to put down a list of all the commitments you have for the year. These might be social media, web site, radio advertising, your loyalty incentives etc. What you have left to spend after your fixed promotions is your budget for the year and I usually divide this by 10 months because very little is spent in the months of January and December.

Some of the most cost effective and results effective things you could do are:-

  • Use social media
  • Use your front window
  • Use SMS spot marketing (one day only promotions never use SMS for long promotions)
  • Make your loyalty program work for you (this is going to be a big focus for me in 2017)
  • Have a great referral program in place
  • Host events
  • Have great ‘in salon’ messages
  • Do a monthly E News
  • Do seasonal promotions
  • Product of the month
  • Videos are a must
  • Think of what you can do that other salons don’t offer
  • Promote the daylights out of what you do. Shout it out
  • This list is endless if you think about what will work for you

You don’t need to spend a lot, you just need to work to your budget and spend wisely. YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN.

What Were the General Trends I Saw in 2016

During 2016 I coached almost 100 hair and beauty clients, so I have a good overview of the industry. However, it should be noted that the results I see with my salons are stronger because no one undertakes to work with a business coach unless they want to improve and grow and this means they are more focused and prepared to do what is needed. Add to this the accountability that comes from coaching which is a big benefit.

Summary of some key results for 2016

Growth overall was exciting. Established salons that I have coached for many years still saw 8-12% growth with many others seeing growth way more.

Retail growth, which I know is not trending upward generally in the industry. I am proud to say that I did see some good improvement. This resulted from much focused marketing each month (mostly in salon) and not taking our eyes off the ball. Also needed a strong commitment from managers.

New client numbers for established salons sat between 5-15% which I was happy with. Rebooking rate was consistent at 60-65% with some stars doing well over this. Retention rates were also something that I focused on in 2016 and I believe the awareness created by this analysis was really valuable. My big concern is that new client retention in many salons is below 30% and this means we are not retaining enough new clients. If you aren’t tracking this please start to do so.

In the February messages I will add some more results that relate to profit and loss across hair and beauty salons.

Yes I Am Taking New Clients

I am able to take some new clients for the New Year. I have two face to face appointments available for Brisbane and two face to face for Newcastle (I visit both Brisbane and Newcastle monthly) and I can take some additional phone coaching clients. If you would like to find out more about coaching with me please give me a call and I will arrange some time to chat to you so you can ask any questions and I can explain how I work with my clients. Everyone is different so I work with each client on a very individual basis. I offer Pay As You Go coaching. I don’t do 12 month contracts. This I find works best for all. My mobile is 0409 342 653.

Brisbane Workshops

Brisbane Management Development workshops in conjunction with MIG College.

During 2017 I will be delivering a series of exciting new management development workshops stating on Tuesday evening March 14th. Full details will be emailed to you separately.

Creating Great Team Leaders

There are 6 subjects as part of the Creating Great Team Leaders programme. Each will be delivered separately but there will be many points that will follow on and link. For the very best result the more subjects you complete the better you will be as a great team leader.

The goal is to give you the knowledge, confidence and energy to change many things that you currently do, to become a clever team communicator and to implement new strategies that are proven to work. This will especially suit new managers who managers who would like to understand how to do it better.

I have made the decision to give my time to do this as I have so many people ask for this. Sorry I only have time to do Brisbane at this stage.

Faye’s Special Message


I have chosen the top 10 things that I know will help salon owners have great success and happiness this year

  1. Spend more time with the family and friends
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Work with a good industry specific business coach
  5. Do something new and different to develop yourself
  6. Look for ways to develop your team that they will enjoy
  7. Always look for something new for your business
  8. Love what you do or get out
  9. Look at how to give back to our wonderful profession
  10. Make special memories for every client every day