March 2017


Leading a team involves you analysing, at regular intervals, their individual performance in a variety of circumstances. When you find yourself coming to the conclusion that performance is lacking in a team member you need to ask yourself the question “Can’t they do it or won’t they do it?”

The answer will lead you to the solution.

“They can’t” identifies the need for additional training or support to build confidence.

“They won’t” sends a clear message that you have someone with an attitude issue and you most definitely need to address that.

You will probably know which is true when you think about it. Be strong and ask the question of each team member so you can address the answer. There are only two choices.


We’re genetically wired to belong; it’s how we survive and thrive in life and at work. This is especially important for a new team member when they first join.  Research shows that fostering a sense of belonging helps reduce stress levels, reduces sick days, strengthens emotional well-being and  improves performance.

Here are a few ways you can create a culture where everyone feels they belong:

  • Greet everyone by name each day with a bright hello
  • Use “we” and “our” not “I” and “me”
  • Ask for input and opinions. Don’t expect everyone to show up and speak up. Invite input from those who you want to include and follow up with questions so they truly feel heard.
  • Share salon stories of success both in the salon and outside the salon


This is a fun team meeting exercise. NO it is not a typo, the T is left off deliberately.

At your team meeting ask everyone to write down:

  • Their two big strengths. The things they know they do best in salon.  Can be anything. THEN DISCUSS
  • Their two weaknesses. The things they avoid doing, they don’t like to do or they are not good at. THEN DISCUSS
  • Two opportunities they can suggest that they think would improve the salon. It can relate to anything. THEN DISCUSS

I have done this several times with different teams and it work really well and it is fun…..if you make it fun


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The better you understand each member or your team, the more effectively you will interact and get the best from them.  To develop a better relationship with your team, practice asking questions such as:

  • “What do you think about?”
  • “How are you going?”
  • “How do you think we could have handled that better?”
  • “Do you have any ideas on?”
  • “What do you find to be challenging for you?”
  • “Tell me how you feel about that.”
  • “Would you share your ideas on ………. with me?”
  • “What are your concerns?”

“What is in your too hard basket at the moment”


Our first workshop for this exciting new programme is being delivered next Tuesday 14th March. There are only 3 places left so please call today if you want to join us. The date for the next workshop is Tuesday 9th May.

This subject is: Can do language. Communication is the key. This will cover what to say and most importantly how to say it to get the best out of your team.
‘Creating Great Team Leaders Management Programme’ for 2017. Delivered by Faye Murray in conjunction with Matters In Gray College Brisbane.

This programme is designed for new managers, those who have not previously undertaken management training or a salon owner who just feels lost.

There are 6 subjects as part of the Creating Great Team Leaders programme. Each will be delivered separately during the year but there will be many points that will follow on and link.  For the very best results the more subjects you complete the better you will be as a great team leader.

The goal is to give you the knowledge, confidence and energy to change many things that you currently do to become a super team communicator and to implement new strategies that are proven to work.

For more information click here or go to or call MIG (07) 3349 6538 to book.

This programme is suited to both hair and beauty.


Many of you will know that I have been a member of the Australian Hairdressing Council for many years. I have been given the OK to offer this service to all my clients and hairdressing subscribers. We all hate paying too much for electricity. The AHC has linked with Make it Cheaper to help you lower your electricity costs. I have spoken to at least 20 people who have already done this exercise and only one of the 20 has not been able to save up to 20%. One salon owner told me she saved $1,900 last year.

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Last year this company saved over $900,000 for small businesses.
You and your staff can also do this for your homes.


I am a strong advocate for all salons big and small to have a current Policies and Procedures manual. The reasons are many. It re-enforces the expectations you have of the conduct of your team members in all situations. It is a powerful induction tool for new team members. It’s flexible so as circumstances change you can revise and reprint as needed. I could go on and on about why it is a smart thing to have one.

The task of sitting down with a blank sheet of paper to make a start on creating your own is a daunting one. Just thinking through what are the headings of all the different policies and procedures is enough to give you a headache!

I’d like to make life a little easier for you with a couple of offers.

Firstly you can go to the shop and download the index for a manual for FREE, so that if you wish to write your own manual at least you have a starting point. This alone will save you hours of head scratching.

Secondly I’m going to use the launch of my new website as an excuse to offer you the chance to receive three bonus resources when you purchase the Policies and Procedures template. The template is 16,000 words pre-written for you covering every conceivable salon policy and procedure. You simply edit the document to suit your particular needs.

The bonus resources are Great Consultations, Retail Success and Scripts and Words That Work.

All included in the $395 price. Just look for the ‘Policies and Procedures Website Special’ in the shop.

Here is an example of what you can expect to find inside…

Appropriate Salon Conversation 

At all times the conversations that we have with clients must be both professional and positive. It is not appropriate to speak about your personal problems or opinions with a client. If you are experiencing any personal negativity it should not be discussed with a client. Some examples might be, if you are not feeling well, if you have had a disagreement with a friend, if you have had a problem within the salon or if have a financial problem. At all times you should direct the conversation to subjects that are of interest to the client or about the client. You should avoid discussing other salons, other team members or clients that could be seen to be of a negative or gossiping nature.


Presented by the fabulous Paula Hibbard this programme is designed to educate, inspire and encourage young stylists to have a positive presence in your salon. Creating Confidence Speak consists of 6 modules that can be delivered to your team individually or as a full day programme.

Modules are :
1. Positive perception
2.Mind your P’s and Q’s
3. Receptive reception
4.Tell me, show me, now!
5. Balancing the basin
6. Creative consult

Paula will come to your salon or arrange Skype or FaceTime sessions to suit you.

Click here to visit Paula’s website.