About Faye


Who Am I and Where Did I Come From?

I am a business coach specialising in the hair and beauty industries for over 15 years and my clients include regional salons, large city salons and multi salon groups. For me it will always be about personalised coaching. Every salon has different needs and therefore each coaching session must be unique to those needs. I love to work with hair and beauty salons to help them grow and become more successful. The goal is always to focus on increasing sales, improving profit and building a strong and stable team.

Prior to starting coaching I was the general manager of a large hairdressing salon group employing 300 staff at any one time. I was concurrently the general manager of Queensland’s then largest registered training organisation and was also responsible for 200 apprentices every year.

I am also proud of the following achievements:

  • I’ve been inducted into the Hairdressing Hall of Fame in 2011
  • I’ve been inducted into the Beauty Hall of Fame in 2019
  • I was a foundation and board member of the Australian Hairdressing Council and was honoured for 10 years’ service and have since been made a consultant to the AHC board
  • I have presented at national and international business conferences as well as at hair and beauty expos
  • I have written articles on business development for industry hair and beauty magazines
  • I am a member of the judging panel for national awards submissions for hair and beauty

Have a look at what my clients say about their coaching experience.

“Faye is everything you could want from a coach. She will guide you, keep you accountable, give you an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on but most of all the biggest support network you need in business.

She will cheer you on the road to success and break your weaknesses down so you can grow from strength to strength. I wouldn’t be where I am without Faye”

“When we decided to purchase a salon the first and best decision we made was to call Faye Murray to coach us.

You don’t know what you don’t know but Faye KNOWS! Faye is lightning fast at identifying your strengths and weaknesses and quick to fill your gaps.

Her clear communication, warm personality and stellar professionalism make her your business’ best asset.

We purchased a run down, under performing salon and within one year under Faye’s guidance we are now a multi-award winning, million dollar establishment, recognized as a top performer within our brand.

You will never regret having Faye join your team.”

“Faye Murray has been an integral part in the growth of our two salons and the individual team members for more than 10 years. I always look forward to talking with Faye during our coaching sessions. Her support, communication and direction give me, as a salon owner, the tools and ongoing support necessary to achieve really strong growth each year.”

“I have been working with Faye for 6 months now after talking to her at the Delorenzo ASPYA conference. In that short time she has changed my business thinking dramatically. I have had my salon almost 10 years and only now feel I am in control. Faye is like having a personal trainer for your salon. I love that I can call her between coaching calls if I need advice. She is also coaches my two managers and they love working with her and have already grown from what Faye has shared with them.”

“Coaching with Faye has been the best business decisions I have made. Faye has been part of my team for 11 years and it amazes me that at every coaching she is able to always give me fresh new ideas. Faye motivates me and keeps me on track! She is easy to work with and always has an answer to the many challenges I am faced with as a business owner. I have a large team of therapists to manage and I get so much from our monthly coaching session but I rely on the fact that I can call Faye at any time that I need her and she is always there. I just luv her!”

“Faye motivates me to strive ahead in business as well as giving me new business and marketing ideas and monitoring our results. Macquarie Medi Spa has had incredible business growth and business success month on month whilst working with Faye along with opening a second Medi Spa.

I highly recommend Faye as a Business Coach to anyone in the spa & beauty industry. She is not just a business coach – Faye is now a mentor, friend & a business guru who supports my team and I every step of the way.”

“I have worked with Faye for the last few years and LOVE it!

As a business owner you sometimes feel as though you are on an island – alone!! Having Faye in my corner to guide and advise is absolutely brilliant and our regular ‘sessions’ are something I really look forward to.

We salon owners are always doing things to energise our team – but often forget that WE need inspiration and encouragement too, something Faye never fails to deliver.”

“Faye would be an asset for any salon business who wants to grow. She shares her wealth of experience through all levels of a business. Combine this with hard work and commitment from the salon and you have a recipe for improvement and success. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Faye. We have built a great relationship and I look forward to working with her for many years to come.”

“Working with Faye over the last 14 years has been an amazing benefit to my business. Faye has been a mentor to my business and also to me personally, helping us to continue improving, keeping us accountable and ensuring growth that I did not think was possible. Being based in a country town, Faye keeps us up to date with current trends and best practice ideas from city locations, as well as the salon industry standards. She helps us to keep our salon fresh and current and to offer our clients the very best.”

“When I first started with Faye I had no direction or structure and I was completely lost. With Faye’s guidance and new ideas it has helped me to better understand and develop my business. She is always there to support me when I need help. Thank you Faye, I’m already looking forward to what’s next to come.”

“I have been with Faye for 18 months now. When I found Faye I was at my wits end it was a last ditch effort before I gave up and closed my doors. I had 3 full time jobs one doing hair, two managing staff that were under performing and three running the paperwork. Faye taught me how to balance these and organise myself. The business is better and stronger than ever, I have more free time and my work no longer consumes my personal life. My salon is only small but not once has Faye made me feel irrelevant. I can’t imagine doing this without her. I only wish I had signed up from my first day in business.”