April 2018


Each time I do a coaching with a client I look at the current retention report for both the salon and for each individual person. This is the most valuable management tool you have and it amazes me how few people actually use this wisely.

My overview shows that a good salon offering a high level of service will be sitting at 75% or more returning clients.

This benchmark allows me to identify and work with salons who are falling behind to focus and improve. If you don’t measure you have no idea how well you are doing.

What needs to improve you might ask?  Every touch point, the client experiences in your salon.  You need to be brave enough to say “what can I do better” and “how can I make it happen”. I know from experience it is just that simple. Focus on better service and you will get better client retention.

If you win and retain 5 more clients every week you will be turning clients away in no time. I know you would all like that a lot.


Exploring new ideas and experiences will allow you to become a lot more productive and creative in every area of your life. Start by eliminating the following phrases from your day-to-day conversations.

We have tried it before and it didn’t work

That may work for other salons but our clients are different.

You’re right but….

We have been doing it this way for years.

I know but clients won’t be prepared to pay that much.

Change what you say and you will change the result you get.


The better you understand how those around you perceive various situations, the more effectively you will interact with your team members.  To develop a better relationship with your team, practice asking questions such as:

“What do you think about……….?”
“How are you going?”
“How do you think we could have handled that better?”
“Do you have any ideas on ……….?”
“What do you find is challenging for you?”
“Tell me how you feel about that.”
“Would you share your ideas on ………. With me?”
“What are your concerns?”
“What is in your too hard basket at the moment”


The reality is that at some time you will sell your salon. Be that in a year or 20 years. If your salon is totally built around you the owner and your expertise and your personal clientele, when it comes time to sell what you have to sell is not as valuable as if you have a good rounded business that does not rely totally on you.

Maybe you recognise that the time is approaching to sell in the near future. Take steps to make sure that you are focused on the other team members developing a strong client base and on computer records showing strong figures. You might be thinking I have worked hard to develop my business, I take good dollars. My business would be very saleable at a good price. Yes true but make sure it is not all about you or you may get a surprise.


April/May is a great time to introduce a double bonus month to encourage clients to return who have not been in for a little while or to entice them to add extra services or products to their visit.

Some examples

During April, earn double bonus points for every colour service.
During April, earn double points for every facial.
During May, earn double bonus points for every product you purchase.


When three highly successful salon experts get together for one presentation you are sure to be overloaded with ideas on how to build a successful salon. Renowned salon business coach Faye Murray will be joined by two very successful salon owners, Brodie-Lee Stubbins, Rokstar Salon Brisbane and Steve Callus, Stevie C Hair, Melbourne.

Faye will share what she knows works in modern, forward thinking salons and Brodie-Lee and Steve will share their individual success stories and how they do it in their salons. Brodie-Lee and Steve have both developed their salons into super success stories, and they have done it in ways that reflect their individual strengths. The result is two very different salons with two different brands but with one very similar outcome…outstanding results.

Together they will share success strategies for:

How to get the best from your team…..this alone will be powerful l

How to win and retain clients….. you can’t be a success without this

Brodie-Lee and Steve will share their best marketing ideas…tried and tested

How to have financial success…..the big one that everyone wants.

If you are a salon owner looking for some new ideas guaranteed to work and a good dose of positive energy. Don’t miss this session.


Looking forward to catching up with everyone at this great day plus the awards night.  The amazing  education on this day is always of a high standard but this year it is the best line up I have seen.

I have a stand and I am excited to be launching something new so be sure to come and say hello and find out what is happening, that I know you will love. www.hairbizforum.com.au

2018 AHIA FINALIST. I am so proud.

I am so excited to have so many of my clients chosen to be finalists in the various AHIA Hairdressing Awards. I will have tears of joy the whole night. It is such an achievement to be chosen as a finalist and you all are stars.

Stelios Papas– Elle Schoemaker (Rising Star Female)

Stelios Papas– Matt Bent (Rising Star Male)

Roca Verde – Sara Briscoe (Salon Director/Owner of the Year)

Roca Verde – Best Marketing Award

Roca Verde – State Salon of the Year QLD

Rokstar – Jess Lazarus (Salon Stylist of the Year)

Rokstar – Brodie Lee Stubbins (Business Director/Owner of the Year)

Rokstar – Best Customer Care

Rokstar – Best Team of the Year

Rokstar – State Salon of the Year QLD

Horse Meat Disco– Nicola Casswell (Salon Manager of the Year)

Horse Meat Disco – Mikey Foster (Business Director/Owner of the Year)

Horse Meat Disco – In Salon Training

Horse Meat Disco – State Salon of the Year QLD


Well done to Daniel Di Iorio from Diior10. Another finalist to add to the list. Daniel well done. I am surrounded by so many amazing people. That is why I love what I do.


Delivered by Faye Murray in conjunction with MIG College Brisbane

This program is designed for all salon staff from juniors to the most experienced.  You will learn new ideas and be excited to offer the best client service.

Delivered over two sessions of 90 minutes. 6.00pm to 7.30 pm

Tuesday, May 15th – It Is Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It That Matters

Tuesday, 23rd October – Are You Good Enough To Win and Retain Clients

Your investment: $59 per person each session or $99 for both sessions (prepaid). You can nominate another person if you are unable to attend.

Venue: MIG College 12 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd Upper Mt Gravatt.