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Faye’s Coaching Services

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Faye’s Coaching Services

Every client is different and has different needs. That is why I stress the individual approach I take rather than a ‘one size fits all’ program. However I do find many areas of focus that are common to most salons. These include:

  • To make more money
  • To get help with managing staff
  • To create simple structures and systems
  • To get ideas for a marketing plan
  • To get focus, accountability and follow up
  • To receive support and encouragement
  • To hear new client service ideas
  • To have a mentor that has empathy and understands a salon business

Why is it important to have a coach that offers specific hair and beauty advice?

Perhaps from the outside those not involved in hairdressing and beauty may be of the opinion that operating a successful salon business is the same as operating a successful coffee shop or florist

But we in the industry know just how individual and distinctive the demands and needs of running a salon or spa are

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach that can work for all salons. There is no special ‘system’ that, if applied to all salons, would magically transform them all into harmonious, profit making machines

Business fundamentals remain the same, but it is the specific knowledge about client expectations, the points of difference needed for a special salon visit, how to train team members in the right attitude towards helping their clients that makes it vital to have a coach who knows all of this and more

“Everything I do is focussed on meeting the individual needs of my clients” Faye Murray

Follow up support

Once you have become a client of Your Coach, ongoing support is available when you most need it. You can call or email Faye when you have a question or problem that can’t wait until your next coaching.

Structure needs support and I have a library of resources that I have developed over years of managing and coaching and I supply these to my clients as part of their coaching.

I also offer receptionist training and development, salon coordinator/manager coaching and development and presentation skills training and development.

In-salon communication and motivational team training in conjunction with Paula Hibbard Education.

Your Coach Guarantees to Make a Difference – What Makes it Different is … Faye Murray Herself

I deliver one on one salon coaching tailored to each salon’s specific needs. Every salon is different for many reasons and all need to be managed and marketed individually.

My coaching is supported by strong structure and resources and there is definitely no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Years of experience have shown me that one on one personalised coaching gets the best results.

I have a depth of knowledge based on many years of being part of the hair and beauty industry. I am a leader not a follower and my skills, background, experience and ongoing industry exposure allow me to draw from a mountain of ideas and information.

What is my formula for achieving results?

You and I analyse your business and your personal strengths and weaknesses. We put priorities in place and agree on the way forward. At each session we review progress and plan the next steps. I strongly believe that the way to get long term results is through your team no matter how big or small. I am very skilled at team building and coaching in this area.

Also results very much depend on the drive of the owner/manager. We are a team you and I, and I will do my share but you must do yours. I will bring the expertise of someone who has spent over 15 years’ worth of days absolutely immersed in the salon industry. I will expect accountability from you.

Your Coach Offers Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) Coaching

This means that there is no leap of faith where you pay a large upfront fee and hope that it’s wisely invested. You can assess the value you are receiving after each session. I find that this way really helps give you the focus of accountability, because you are always aware of the investment you are making and the need to get value from it. PAYG also helps with salon cash flow.

Each client pays for each coaching after the session is finished.

I recommend an initial 90 minutes coaching followed by 60 minutes each month. This can be varied to suit individual needs. As mentioned elsewhere there is no cost for short phone calls or emails if you need support between sessions. All of my clients love and appreciate this part of my service.

I provide these resources to you FREE OF CHARGE when you become a Your Coach client:

  • Steps To A Great Consultation
  • Steps To Retail Success
  • Start-Up Resources As Required
  • Marketing Planner
  • Monthly Messages To Motivate
  • Monthly Staff Strategies For Success

Finally, I will not coach another client who is within your sphere of business influence and if I am ever in any doubt I will discuss it with you before making a decision.