February Business Tips

Business tips

Welcome to the February edition of my Business Tips!

Read on to find out about a date to add to your diaries, apprentice online course, tips on recommending products and more!

Date claimer – Monday 17 JULY

I am excited to be presenting a full day of business education with Brodie Lee Tsiknaris from Rokstar in Brisbane. It will be a full day of sharing and networking with other successful business owners. Note this in your diary as a date claimer Monday July 17th. Sorry, this is so far off but it was the first Monday that Brodie and I have free together. We will send more information soon!

Apprentice Online Education

I am so excited with the results that we are getting from our online apprentice course.

This is available to apprentices of coaching clients and other salons who have apprentices who will benefit from training in the critical touch points you need them to do well and (that you don’t have time to train).

Delivered to one apprentice or all your apprentice team.

a women in front of a laptop on a virtual call.

Developing Apprentice Communication and Confidence

There are 4 x 30 mins sessions (workbook is included) – cost is $150 per session.

  • Session 1: How to be good enough to be the best
  • Session 2: Amazing service that creates client value
  • Session 3: Communication that makes a difference
  • Session 4: How an apprentice can add value to clients and the team

How do you focus on product recommendation

As a coach, it is interesting to see the difference between the results that different salons achieve for product sales to total income. When I start to work with new clients it’s often very low and some are already doing well. These are what I see:

Hair varies from 5% to 15%                                            Beauty varies from 15% to 30%

I understand there are variables that influence this but the biggest three that I am aware of are:

  • The lack of consistency with the business owner to focus on this daily/weekly
  • Not sharing the hints and tips of how to use products home
  • The failure of team members to share what the client needs and then follow up to invite them to buy at the end of the service.

It is really about having a structure and a strong commitment.

Something else that I want to share: My clients are often telling me that their clients are saying (not even being subtle about it) “I will buy it online as I will probably be able to get it for less or part of a promotion”.

As salon owners we can sit back and wait for more and more clients to “buy online” or we can compete.

  • Do you have an online shop for the convenience of your clients when they run out and are not due for another 3 weeks
  • Do you price match any offer they can show you on their phone (small messages in salon can indicate you will price match an online offer)
  • Do you have a loyalty program that gives credit, to encourage product purchase in salon and on line
  • Do you have small thank you gifts to include when a client buys a product from you (many online purchases come with a gift) Your product company may be helpful with this our you can source your own

Helping you to build your business

I am asked this question on a regular basis and most people are surprised (pleasantly) at what I charge for coaching. I realise there are other coaches out there who may charge more but I position my costs at what works for me and my clients. I have clients who have been doing regular monthly coaching sessions for up to 20 years so they definitely see value.

There are several options available, depending on your needs.  Pay as you go coaching allows you to book a coaching session as it suits. My clients do find that a regular monthly appointment helps to keep them on track and keeps the new ideas flowing.

The other thing that is sometimes a barrier to begin coaching is “Will I be good enough or will Faye think I just have no business skills?” I promise you that almost everyone big or small have a lot to learn when they first begin. That is why you take on a coach and my clients are both big and small salons.

I currently have vacancies for three new clients for zoom coaching in 2023. If you would like to find out more call me on 0409 342 653 or email me faye@yourcoach.net.au.

Salon marketing

How long since you changed your banner on website or on your social media channels? Do you have a reminder to change with the seasons for when you have a special event or promotions?

A great idea is to include a quote that is a message about buying local or supporting a small business (your salon business).  Here are a couple of examples:

  • You can’t buy happiness but you can buy local
  • Every visit makes a difference to our small business
  • In a world where you can shop anywhere choose to buy local
  • We are a small business that decided to “have a go”
  • Think big- shop small
  • We are a small business with a big heart

20 years of shaping salon success 

As I celebrate 20 years as a business coach each month, I will share a memory or story from my special clients who I love helping to grow their businesses and guiding them to be stronger managers of their people.


I have been working with Faye for 8 years now, two as a manager and six as a salon owner. She is the angel and devil that sits on my shoulders, meaning she is my biggest supporter, yet knows how to whip me into shape when I need it. She has been through the highest of highs, believed in me even when I doubted myself and she is given me support during the really tough times. She is so much more than a business coach and I always say everyone needs a Faye in their life, but there’s also no one that is quite like her.  I’m forever grateful for what she has done for myself, and my business.



“Congratulations Faye on 20th year of influencing, supporting, coaching, and mentoring!! But most of all thank you for your friendship and for always being there to offer an ear and support when we needed it. Trace & I started our business venture together 19 years ago and you were with us then guiding us and helping us navigate the tough world of business. I love these pics of us having fun and loving life. Best wishes my friend for many more healthy and happy years ahead doing what you love! Love Leanne.”

Image: Faye definitely showing off a Bennie Tognini short haircut in this photo.

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