How valuable is a receptionist?

Beauty store reception

My experience has shown me that a good receptionist is the most valuable person in a salon team and a less than amazing one is the most expensive.

Can you afford a receptionist you might ask? My guide is usually that you need income from 5 or more full time hairdressers or therapists to justify the cost of a full-time receptionist. Many salons start with a part time receptionist for busy times and that works well.

They can also be a great asset to a busy salon owner who chooses to spend most of their time working with clients rather than focus on the many administration jobs that are a necessary part of everyday salon life.

Social media can also be added to their responsibilities if they have the skills to take on this very important role.

Some of the duties they perform are obvious but a good receptionist can do so much more than meet and greet and farewell clients.

I have a list of more than 30 things that they can be responsible for.

Training is also essential. To assist I offer a tailored online receptionist course that covers all their key touch points needed for a productive and fabulous receptionist. Topics covered include:

  • What should a receptionist’s day look like?
  • How to achieve a full appointment book?
  • Client touch points from start to finish
  • Helping the team to offer more and achieve more!
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