Incentives For Your Team

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Often salons introduce a staff incentive programme that is linked to achievement and productivity and having introduced it, that is all that happens. You have to keep it alive and you must talk about it on a regular basis. When someone achieves a reward, at your team meeting you should acknowledge this. A team social media page is a good way to also communicate the achievement.

As part of your marketing plan most salons include on a regular basis rewards or incentives to encourage clients to buy services or products. Do you link this idea to your team rewards and incentives? What have you got in place that you change regularly or introduce to encourage and excite your team?

These incentives can be done day, weekly or monthly. I usually suggest the reward is not always money. Think about what might excite them to promote more. Turn the lights on. In this case it does not need to cost a lot, it is all about how you present and package it so it is exciting. If you have had the same incentive for the last 6 months with no change it will now be taken for granted and not be a focus. Your results will be lacking accordingly.

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