January 2018


Welcome to 2018. I had lots of excited phone calls and messages sharing fantastic December 2017 results. To everyone I say a massive well done.

Success in the lead up to Christmas does not happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work, careful planning and most of all the building of a strong team culture that pulls together. I have received two emails this morning, one hair salon had a $16,150 increase on last year and one of my beauty salons was thrilled to get a $5,200 increase on gift vouchers. I love January as I get to celebrate all the big success stories with my clients.

Now it is time to build on your success as we move into 2018. I have some wonderful new things to introduce and share with my existing clients and hopefully new clients for 2018. My creative ideas are overflowing as I can see so many opportunities to help salons grow and do it better. My energy levels are up so I will pass on a taste of some of what I have planned.

A fresh approach to marketing and exciting new ideas to work with. Focus on structure and forward planning for marketing
Everything about client and staff retention will be a big priority for 2018
Education and motivation for both salon owners and staff through video education
Introduction of new e-books that can be used for both management and staff development
My online training programme for management, staff education and motivation will be launched early in the year
Inspiring Leaders Forum will also be an exciting new program

My speaker’s calendar is fully booked right through until August


To get you started for the New Year I would suggest that everyone review and plan their marketing for the year. I have emailed all my clients the new look 2018 Marketing Planner, so that you can use this to put on your thinking cap and see what it is that will attract new clients and retain the precious ones you have. Ask yourself what you need, and use that as the basis for your planning. Social media should be part of what you do, but don’t make it the only thing.


Every year I have a new saying that I carry through as my focus for the year. 2018 is going to be my year of retention. In particular retention of clients and retention of your team. I am going to constantly come up with and share opportunities to help salons to do this better. Why don’t you join me and make this your goal as well?



My January tip: Think about one new thing you can offer your clients each month that will cost you nothing or very little in time or dollars and also something that you can share with your team as your client retention focus every month. Commit to doing this for the remaining 11 months of the year. Something that your client will value as “that little extra.”

Some suggestions to choose from:

A refreshment menu that shows the range of refreshments you offer
Invite all male clients to return to the shampoo area to rinse their hair after their haircut so they don’t have falling hair for the rest of the day
Open the door for all clients who leave (if you have a closed door)
Walk around from behind the desk to present a client leaving with their products and to say farewell
Offer a leg roll to all beauty clients who have a lower back problem
Share with all clients what shampoo and conditioner is being used
If you introduce one new thing each month I would hope that the new service would continue as part of what you offer

Staff retention:

Set up regular ways to communicate with all your team, both as a team and one on one. Communication will build any relationship and the lack of it will most definitely destroy it. Lots of ideas to consider. You just need to remember to do it.


Have you set your January goals? Statistics prove that if you set a goal and write it down and really commit to achieving it you have 75% more chance of success than if you don’t write it down. So that is your first step. Most of you will have goals for many different areas of your salons. Make them real but be sure to stretch. A goal should not be a dream it should be something that you are focused on. You should do something every day that helps you achieve your goal of reaching great results.


The New Year is a great time to review the structure and systems in your salon.  To save hundreds of hours of your valuable time I have written a template that you can make changes to and create your own personalised manual. Place your order online Your Coach Shop using this code 100off to save $100. Your cost will be only $295 for more than 16,000 words that cover all the key areas of your salon structure and policies. (For hair clients DO NOT use the ‘Coupon Active’ product, just the plain ‘Policies and Procedures’ version.   Available until 28th February.