January 2019


Welcome to 2019. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas trade with lots of forward bookings to make sure the rest of January and February are also busy.

Based on the trading in the last 6 months of 2018, I am super confident that we are going to have a really strong 2019. I realise that I am very fortunate to work with salons that want to be successful and are prepared to put in the effort and make the changes to get the results, so I have a very positive view of the hair and beauty world. I am aware that many salons in Australia don’t enjoy the same growth and success.  I say to work with me you don’t have to be a big salon;

You just need to “Want to be better.”

Something that I have seen and heard spoken of in 2018 is the “dream of having a successful salon without spending time in and on the business.” I have to say that every single salon that I work with has a strong leader who may not spend 50 hours a week cutting and colouring hair or hands on doing beauty treatment but they are constantly focused on their business.

There is a way for you to reduce your salon time and many of my clients do this. The secret is to surround yourself with a well-trained team that you can delegate to. Get the right people and this will work well in 2019. The wrong ones and you will soon see your business start to slide.

I don’t see it as hard work but it is constant work and you will not be able to take your eye off the ball.  Back to basics is a good place to start in 2019 and build from there. I look forward to helping you to make it great.


Take some time to focus and plan your year. Most of my clients have done or will do in January by having a planning day where you can pull apart and look at every single key area of the salon business. Then make a list of all the changes you need to make. It may take you the whole year to get through this list but if it is important enough to add it is important enough not to lose your idea. I will work through this with all current clients at their first coaching

Attached is a link to a Planning Focus for 2019. Take some time to work through this. I guarantee that your investment of time in this will be well worth it.


Every year I have a new saying that I carry through as my focus for the year. 2019 is going to be:

Remember winners do what losers won’t do

One of the special things that I saw in December was the way in which so many of my clients managed and motivated their team. December in hairdressing and beauty salons is always busy and that means sore feet and things not always going to plan.

The salons that I was super impressed with in this area all have commission and incentives in place that are based on wages to sales and December is the month where all productive team members should  earn extra.

I am mostly here looking at the extra ways you can reward for results and say “I value you” “Our salon is fun” “Thank you for the extra effort”

These are the salons that had a great team culture even when there were no spare chairs and the team worked together to help each other provide great client service. None of these things cost a lot but they do mean a lot. MAKE A LIST FOR CHRISTMAS 2019.

Top up with real coffee from the nearby coffee shop (salon owner pays the bill for the week)
Fill the fridge with treats (naughty or healthy)
Friday lunch is on me….Fill in or order sheet and Uber eats will deliver.  (from a cool café)
Spot incentives every day the week of Christmas
$1.00 scratch it for every retail product you sell Christmas week
Lucky dip bag (full of treats) for the team member voted the happiest for the day
Gift voucher goals for receptionist in beauty salons. Louis or Mimco  gift vouchers are great for this
Hand written cards to say thank you
Just because treats such as theatre tickets, because you were a fabulous team member today


Have you set your January goals? Statistics prove that if you set a goal and write it down and really commit to achieving it you have 75% more chance of success than if you don’t write it down. So that is your first step. Most of you will have goals for many different areas of your salons. Make them real but be sure to stretch. A goal should not be a dream it should be something that you are focused on. You should do something every day that helps you achieve your goal of reaching great results.


This year Australia Day, which is of course January 26th, falls on a Saturday. The powers that be have stated that the Saturday is a normal trading day and Monday the 28th January is in fact the public holiday. This may be confusing to some so I am suggesting that you promote the fact that you are open on Saturday 26th Australia day and maybe have an Aussie theme day. You don’t want a quiet Saturday because people think you are closed.

A fun theme day will give you a reason to promote it particularly through your Facebook and include in your January news or blog.


A very timely question because everyone should be putting together their marketing plan for 2019. The first step is to work out how much you should spend and I always suggest 1-3%, definitely no more unless there is a very good reason. The next step is to put down a list of all the commitments you have already planned for the year.  What you have left is your budget for the year and I usually divide this by 10 months because very little is spent in the months of January and December.

Some of the most cost effective and results effective things you can and could do are:-

§  Use Social Media (this is your big one)

§  Work it and say thank you to referrals and reviews

§  Use your email data base

§  Use your front window

§  Use SMS spot marketing (One day only promotions. Never use SMS for long promotions)

§  Make your loyalty program work for you

§  Have a great referral program in place

§  Give clients reasons to return

§  Host events

§  Have great ‘in salon’ messages

§  Do a monthly E News

§  Do seasonal promotions

§  Product of the month

§  Cross promote with businesses that match your brand

§  This list is endless if you think about what will work for you

You don’t need to spend a lot, you just need to work to your budget and spend wisely.


I have chosen the top 10 things that I know will help salon owners have great success and happiness this year

1.      Spend more time with the family and friends

2.      Exercise regularly

3.      Eat healthy

4.      Work with a good industry specific business coach

5.      Do something new and different to develop yourself

6.      Look for ways to develop your team that they will enjoy

7.      Always look for  something new for your business

8.      Love what you do or get out

9.      Look at how to give back to our wonderful profession

10.  Make special memories for every client every day