July 2018


Many salon managers don’t give effective feedback because they’re simply pressed for time. There are three ways to make this easier – for you and your team member.

Create a standard way in. Reduce the time you spend mulling over each conversation by establishing a simple, routinized way to open feedback discussions. “I’m going to give you some feedback” or “I have something to share with you” gets immediate attention and sets the right tone.
Be direct. If you’ve ever said “maybe you could…” or asked a team member to “think about” a performance issue, you’re likely not being direct enough. Be honest, sincere, and personal while addressing the issue head-on.
Ask them to play it back. To avoid having the same conversation again and again, make sure your employee can clearly explain what she/he needs to change or do next.
There is no, secret to why some salons have really stable staff and others have a constant flow of come and go. There can always be reasons that are totally out of your control but the salon manager or owner is largely responsible for, if staff stay or if staff go. You need good loyal staff at this point so put some extra effort into this area and you will reap the rewards.


We all hate “no shows” at any time of the day. I was reminded by a client recently of a practice that we are all aware of but sometimes we need to keep a close watch on and that is the regular “no shows” who are the last appointment of the day. I am referring to the bogus appointments that are placed by naughty team members who want to get out on time especially on the salon owners day off. Sad but true in some situations.


Yes the best is yet to come.  We all know that the first 6 months are usually a bit of a challenge for lots of reasons.  I personally hate all the public holidays.  I never seem to catch up from these.   Salons that offer beauty always have lots of gift vouchers from fantastic Christmas sales and if you don’t manage your cash flow this can be a bit difficult.  You collect the money in December but you need to do all the work in the first 6 months of the year (allowing for a 6 months valid to date).  Lots of people take holidays in the early part of the year. The list goes on.

The reality is that if you look at your income figures the period from July to December is always the best.  That is good news to be reminded of 2018.

So get ready to be busy.  Start to plan your marketing.  Get your training plans really rocking so everyone is up to speed.  Get the attitude of everyone right.  This won’t happen unless you manage it in a positive way.

What I am clearly seeing is that almost all of the people I work with and coach are getting good results and good growth on last year. During July I am doing a 6 month comparison between January and June for 2017 and 2018. This is a great exercise to do.  Proactive salons are off their butts and doing lots to make it happen.  They aren’t just hoping the phone will ring or people will book on line.


Every salon has what I refer to as points of difference. They are the special things that clients don’t expect to get but really value and appreciate the extra service. They can be any number of things and I am sure if you think you have a long list. Here is one to add that is a nice Winter point of difference. Have a really nice nourishing and fragrant hand cream at reception that you can offer to your clients when leaving the salon to massage into their hands. It is a small but nice extra touch.


Innovative thinking is fuelled when a wide range of talents, skills, and traits come together. If you want to enhance the potential of your team, develop the diversity of their skills and thinking.

Here are a few ways to get started:

Build expertise. Send your team to seminars, conferences, or arrange training sessions to help them gain new skills.

Do mystery visits. Arrange a mystery shopper for your salon or have your staff visit another salon to gain an experience of another salon.

Host creative events. Bring in outside speakers to give talks or workshops in your salon.

Seek additional resources. Gather your team to watch and discuss a TED talk or similar.

Visit the Your Coach website https://yourcoach.net.au/shop/  for resources that could help you.


The fourth annual Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo will be staged on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th July 2018

I will be presenting on Sunday 29th July at 11.30 – 1.00 “It Matters Not What You Say But How You Say It” and also on Monday 30th July 12.30 – 2.00pm “Hit The Delete Button” each session is $149 per person, places are limited so book in quickly to make sure you get a spot.

Sunday session will be fabulous for both salon owners and staff and Monday’s session is designed for salon owners.

Tickets are now on sale  http://www.brisbanehairandbeautyexpo.com.au/education/



This session will really pull apart and put back together how and why you communicate with your team. I believe communication is a learned skill and in this session, I give you loads of ideas that will make a difference to the results you get through communication.

Critical conversations you need to have
Developing honesty and integrity as a manager
Recognition touch points
Effective one on one chats
Weekly focus to review results
Getting feedback right
Team meetings that your team will want to attend
Team appraisals and training plans


So many people think that re-booking is about making the next appointment when the client is leaving the salon. It is so much more. When this service is offered correctly it will build your business faster than any marketing campaign. This week’s team session will cover the steps that need to be applied 100% of the time to get this right.

If you haven’t already, make sure you schedule in some one on one training time with your staff members who you feel could benefit from this session.

For content info and registrations please click here https://yourcoach.net.au/management-program/


Make every ad…every marketing campaign…and everything you do 100% accountable.  If something is working for you and profitable, continue to work with it.  If an advertisement or marketing campaign is losing you money, get rid of it quickly. Always remember that you can run a loss marketing strategy for a very short time to get people to take up your offer but long term your marketing must be profitable.