June 2018


Like many I have just had a fantastic time at Hair Expo, this year in Melbourne. I always learn so many new things but one message that was repeated 3 times was all about creating a good “salon culture” for both staff and clients.

Charles Marcus is an international speaker and travels the world, and he identified this in the two presentations I had the pleasure of hearing him speak at. Also at the AHC industry and training day and The Top Salon Summit which is an amazing event of all the top salons in Australia. He talked about how to create a culture that team and clients want to be part of and how people don’t hang around if it is a bad culture.

Joey Scandizzo who was awarded Australian Hairdresser of the Year spoke about how he creates a great culture in his 3 salons. Something they have identified is that one of the main reasons people want to be a hairdresser is to be creative. They focus on introducing creativity very early on after a new person joins them. Don’t make the first few weeks about cleaning and doing maintenance jobs.

Brodie Stubbins from Rokstar who was awarded Queensland Hairdresser of the Year and Steve Callus from Stevie C and I also spoke about creating salon culture in our workshop. Successful salons know the value of retention and if you want to retain staff and clients your culture must be right.

Maybe time to look at your culture. What does it feel like to spend time in your salon? Is the energy high and is it a fun place to be. Good energy is contagious and so is bad energy. Take a close look and see what needs to change


There are two points during the year when it is great to step back and have a good look at your business. The beginning of a new financial year is here again and an essential time to do so.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Ø  What did you achieve this financial year?

Ø  Did you achieve your goals?

Ø  What do you want to achieve during the next financial year?

Ø  What are your goals?

Ø  What do you need to change?

Ø  Have you done your price increases as needed? Particularly in view of a 3.5% wage increase from the first pay period in July.

The true measurement of your business success is your profit. In these challenging times I have worked with many salons that have faced the dilemma of less income but have still maintained a healthy profit by really being aware of controlling costs.

Every business should be looking at their Profit and Loss on a regular basis. Every month is best but every quarter is certainly the least that you should be doing this. Most of you are using a bookkeeper or accountant to prepare your BAS. You can ask for a Profit and Loss to be done at this same time or your accounting package can do this quite simply.  The extra cost is very little and well worth it.

Once a year is definitely not enough. It is too long and too late once the year has passed. If you need to have this as one of your goals please look at getting this in place now. Don’t wait, it is too important.


This might be something that none of you ever consider but it is so important. Hopefully you will never need it but that is what insurance is all about.

Check and see if you have adequate income protection insurance. If you get sick or are injured for a long period you will still have commitments and bills to pay and a good income protection plan will be essential.

Too late to think about it when you become injured or ill. So please be sensible and look at it now.


If you answered “no” to this question, then now is the time to enrol in my 12-week online management program.  It is new!

The subjects I have chosen for the management sessions are all the things that I find salons need the most help with. Each is filled with content and resources that you will be able to use.

The team videos are designed for you to use directly with your team. So you will have me in your salon instead of trying to excite and motivate your team yourself. The program is for you to keep forever, so you can keep using it over and over. I know you will love it.

For content info please click here https://yourcoach.net.au/management-program/


In this session, I get you thinking about what you currently do, how successful that is and changes you need to make. I will give you practical and real ideas that are proven to work and that you can immediately implement to make you a better manager and get you the results you need. Topics include:

Characteristics of a good manager

Reasons why managers fail

How to build rapport with team members

Different styles of management to be aware of

How to be a firm but fair manager

Respect must be earned not demanded

Main channels of communication

This session is where we will be focusing on reception skills that wow and win.

You get one chance to make a first impression and your first and last point of contact with your client has to be memorable for all the right reasons. This session covers all the critical points needed so that the whole team can be trained to do it well.

Some feedback from Meg Hauritz, Elvarl

Week 2 video is amazing, I love it! I have a meeting prepared for tomorrow so this is a great addition to show the girls, thank you! I think you are doing an awesome job, the videos are so clear and I get very engrossed in them, the advice and tips are abundant and I just jotted down a lot of notes to focus on! Thank you


Winter is here. Time to change the look of your salon and the messages to your clients. Take a walk around and see what’s old and tired and get rid of it. Look at Summer/Autumn messages and change them to Winter. Your regular clients like to see something new and different and your new clients form an impression based on what they see on the first visit. It is important to get it right. Don’t forget to check your website also. Not good to have old promotions that you have forgotten to change.


There are a number of people who offer a variety of services to assist with social media. I often question the value you get back for your investment. I would like to suggest someone that I am getting really good feedback about. She offers something quite different.

Estelle from Hair Pin Digital will do an audit of your social media and Google and will set you on the right track to move forward. She does not do your posts for you and this I agree with. Only you can brand and market your salon. Only you know all the exciting things you want to promote and talk about. You do need someone who understand the changes constantly happening with social media to assist you.

Her contact details are

Email estelle@hairpindigital.com

Website www.hairpindigital.com

Mobile phone 0498 043 064


I find it very useful and I use the free option and have for a while now. If you add it to your Safari any time you are commenting on the net including on Facebook it will let you know if you have grammar or spelling issues. https://www.grammarly.com/