March 2018


By now you all should have your marketing planner well under way for 2018. If not why not! Don’t leave it any longer.

You can’t run a salon business successfully and expect growth without a plan for promoting your salon and the services you offer. Here is a check list to look over. This might inspire you to add some more key points to your marketing plan and to get it together.

·         Look for new clients every day

·         Focus on retention of clients you already have

·         Constantly shout out about the services you specialise in

·         Have a great social media plan

·         Build and use your data base

·         Be a network queen/king

·         Be consistent and persistent

·         Make sure your salon is a great experience so others will talk about you


I read something recently that I wanted to share. It said that an improvement by 2% in the number of clients that you retain is equal to a 10% decrease in costs. Everyone knows how difficult it is to cut costs, so does it not make sense to really put effort in every day to make sure that every client who comes into your salon comes back.

As a salon owner think about how much effort you put into this subject?

Do you talk to your team on a regular basis?
Do you address with a team member when you see something that is not ‘client winning’ if not why not?
Do you have a good loyalty programme that says thank you to your regular clients?
Do you have promotions that regular clients can see value in?
Is every visit to your salon a great experience?
Do you clients leave your salon with a reason to return?


Hair Expo have launched their early bird tickets. Don’t forget it is in Melbourne this year.   I am speaking on Sunday and will be joined by two of my very sucessful clients Brodie-Lee Stubbins from Rokstar and Steve Callus from Stevie C Salon.


When three highly successful salon experts get together for one presentation you are sure to be overloaded with ideas on how to build a successful salon. Renowned salon business coach Faye Murray will be joined by two very successful salon owners, Brodie-Lee Stubbins, Rokstar Salon Brisbane and Steve Callus, Stevie C Hair, Melbourne.

Faye will share what she knows works in modern, forward thinking salons and Brodie-Lee and Steve will share their individual success stories and how they do it in their salons. Brodie-Lee and Steve have both developed their salons into super success stories, and they have done it in ways that reflect their individual strengths. The result is two very different salons with two different brands but with one very similar outcome…outstanding results.

Together they will share success strategies for:

How to get the best from your team…..this alone will be powerful l

How to win and retain clients….. you can’t be a success without this

Brodie-Lee and Steve will share their best marketing ideas…tried and tested

How to have financial success…..the big one that everyone wants.

If you are a salon owner looking for some new ideas guaranteed to work and a good dose of positive energy. Don’t miss this session.


One of my favourite systems for you to follow is to look at daily and weekly on your computer the value of your future bookings. This is a great focus exercise and it not only shows you what you have booked in service dollars, it shows you if you are short of your goal. You can take action before but if you are only looking at results at the end you have no control over the results you can get with more focus. Good focus will give you an extra 20%.


The relationship between a stylist/therapist and client is often touted as closer than family. You hear their stories see them on a regular appointment and manage hair and beauty needs. Obtaining the client is one thing, but the real secret is keeping them.

Here are the top ten things NOT to do if you want this relationship to be long-lasting

1. Ignore my feedback

2. Give off bad energy

3. Fail to value my time

4. Fail to educate me

5. Show me you don’t really care

6. Forget who I am

7. Show no creativity

8. Don’t offer change

9. Don’t offer personalized service

10. Fail to match my expectations


I am happy to recommend this course. I have had a few of my clients who have done it last year and they have found it very helpful. It is very much focused on cost cutting and looking at all opportunities to do this and working out formulas for correct pricing of your services.

Suggest for you  to be ready to undertake this course you will need to have good financial information to be able to work with to analyse. Please check with me if you have any questions.

This is being delivered in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

For more information and bookings please click on the link


Looking forward to catching up with everyone at the Hair Biz forum and the AHIA awards in April. Tickets are now on sale for this fantastic day of education and awards presentation where the industry recognises the best of the best.