May 2018


Everyone is interested and excited by new and different things. As consumers we love to experience new things. ‘Same old’ can become very boring and we lose interest when we are bored. In most salons 70-80% plus are people who are returning clients. Maybe they have been to you once before or maybe twenty times. Next time one of these returning clients visits what will they experience that is new or different in your salon?


Some things to think about:

  •  Your consultation should always have some element of change. It may be very slight, but change is a must. Your clients want to know what is new and different that will benefit them
  • Your consultation should be personalised to suit each client’s needs
  • New services and products. How well do you share this knowledge with clients?
  • New team members, are they always introduced to your clients?
  • Winter is almost here what changes are in place in your salon to welcome winter?

Never allow a returning client to get bored with you. The single biggest reason that clients leave a salon is not because of bad hair or a below the expected beauty treatment, it is because of indifference and poor service.  This is easy to spot. It is where you fail to show you care and are interested.

Your team also can easily suffer from boredom if your salon culture does not embrace change.


Good managers come in all shapes and sizes; their personalities and character traits can be as varied as a bag of mixed lollies. Regardless of whether they are loud or quiet, zany or to-the-point, all good managers have a few things in common.

Here are my six signs of a great manager. Do you have this culture in your salon?

1. They have built respectful and supportive teams
2. They care about their team’s development
3. They listen deeply
4. They follow up and inspect what is expected
5. They get a good balance between fun and work
6. They provide clear direction and give recognition where necessary


Who does this? It can be fun and it is a way of “turning on the lights”. I suggest you choose a day that is busy so you can make it even better. Don’t choose a quiet day and hope for a good result. You can focus on any area of your business that you feel you can get extra dollars from. For the prize I like to offer something in a mystery envelope that is revealed at the end of the day. Such as a $20 petrol voucher, $10 lunch voucher from your favourite deli, free coffee for a week. Small but something they would like. If you give a little you get more back.  Most of all make it fun.


With every question there must always be an answer and so this is something new for you to consider. When you access the performance or results of one of your team members – Ask the question … “Can’t They?” or “Won’t They?”

“Can’t they?” will identify that you need to do additional training or offer support to build confidence.

“Won’t they?” will send a clear message to you that you have an attitude issue and you most definitely need to address that.

Be strong and ask the question of each team member so you can address the answer. There are only two choices.


If you answered “no” to this question, then now is the time to enrol in my 12-week online management program.  It is new!

You will receive the first of your 12 session on the Monday after you join. The subjects I have chosen for the management sessions are all the things that I find salons need the most help with. Each is filled with content and resources that you will be able to use.

The team videos are designed for you to use directly with your team. So you will have me in your salon instead of trying to excite and motivate your team yourself. The program is for you to keep forever, so you can keep using it over and over. I know you will love it.

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Some feedback from week one from Michelle, Element of Hair

“Thank you Faye. I did not know what to expect but I watched your video and I then watched it again (loved it so much). You have already taught me things that I can use to manage my team better and I loved the questionnaire “measuring for team satisfaction”.  You talk in such simple language. Can’t wait for more.”


When three highly successful salon experts get together for one presentation you are sure to be overloaded with ideas on how to build a successful salon. Renowned salon business coach Faye Murray will be joined by two very successful salon owners, Brodie-Lee Stubbins, Rokstar Salon Brisbane and Steve Callus, Stevie C Hair, Melbourne.

Faye will share what she knows works in modern, forward thinking salons and Brodie-Lee and Steve will share their individual success stories and how they do it in their salons. Brodie-Lee and Steve have both developed their salons into super success stories, and they have done it in ways that reflect their individual strengths. The result is two very different salons with two different brands but with one very similar outcome…outstanding results.


The fourth annual Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo will be staged on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th July 2018

I will be presenting on Sunday 29th July at 11.30 – 1.00 “It Matters Not What You Say But How You Say It” and also on Monday 30th July 12.30 – 2.00pm “Hit The Delete Button” each session is $149 per person places are limited so book in quickly to make sure you get a spot. Sunday session will be fabulous for both salon owners and staff and Monday’s session is designed for salon owners.


Lee Black who has been a client of mine for many years has a business supplying disposable towels and gloves. Many of my clients have been using this service for some time and are happy with the quality, service and price. Contact him  if you are interested on 0411 738 544 or

The gloves are great for sufferers with allergy issues and are dermatologically approved.

He also has a range of beauty towels.

You will find the price very attractive, so suggest you do a comparison.