October 2018


As we get closer to the end of the year it is a good time to review what progress you have made in the area of client retention and team retention.

Look at client retention first. The benchmark that I set for most clients in both hair and beauty salons is 60-75% with a big focus on being as close as you can to the 75%. There are a few individual variables such as

Losing a key team member
Adding team members
Aggressive discount promotions that encourage price focused clients
Changing a software program will take you time to get accurate for several months
Individual benchmarks will vary but I get very stressed if I see someone who has been looking after clients for more than 3 months and is not retaining more than 50%.

Take a look and see how you compare.

Staff retention. How many valuable team members have you lost this year? I stress valuable. Some you are happy to see come and go. Write down the name and why you understand they left. Mostly you will see good reasons. If you see a common reason for losing staff that allows you to make changes, do it and do it soon. Good team members are too hard to find.


This workshop is designed for new managers, those who have not previously undertaken management training or a salon owner who just feels lost.  The goal is to give you the knowledge, confidence and energy to change many things that you currently do, to become a super team communicator and get the best from your team and to learn management skills that are proven to work.

How to get the best results through your team

ü  How to achieve the best communication

ü  How to motivate and excite your team

ü  How to share not tell

ü  How to talk figures and get results

ü  How to direct and maintain standards

ü  How to give recognition and reward

Understanding the key service touch points and how to manage each one

ü  How to get results from great consultations

ü  How to get results from product recommendations

ü  How to build your colour business

ü  How to retain more clients

ü  How to build re-booking

ü  How to fill your appointment book

ü  How to manage the key area of reception

Date: Tuesday 20th November 2018      Time: 1.30pm to 5.30pm

Venue: De Lorenzo Studio, Level 1, 411 Logan Road, Stones Corner QLD (Above Ray White Real Estate)

Cost $120 per person

Only 4 spaces left. To book contact Your Coach on email: faye@yourcoach.net.au


Delivered by Faye Murray in conjunction with MIG College Brisbane.

This program is designed for all salon staff from juniors to the most experienced, and owners.  You will learn new ideas and be excited to offer the best client service.

This workshop is about winning and retaining each and every client. Faye will look closely at what it takes to impress a client and have them return to you, not just once but ongoing.

The investment for this invaluable workshop is just $59

Tuesday, 23rd October –  6.00pm to 7.30 pm

Venue: MIG College 12 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd Upper Mt Gravatt.

Bookings: MIG training on (07) 3349 6538 (numbers will be limited)


Daylight saving time or Summer time begins the first Sunday of October (7th October).  ACT, NSW, SA, TAS and VIC turn your clocks ahead one hour. Coaching clients please be aware when you get your SMS confirmations these are in NSW time so please check your state’s time. It always takes a few weeks to get used to this each year.


I am not sure what happened to 2018, but yes Christmas is almost upon us again. Current coaching clients will have received their Christmas Kit. I do hope you get some great ideas to make sure that this year is your best yet. Promise me you won’t leave it too late to plan.

You only get one chance at this special spending time so make the most of it. Get an action plan in place and start to work through it.

I will be going through with each coaching client and helping them to get a balance and focused plan in place.


This is important all year but especially in the lead up to Christmas. It is essential that when you create a new marketing strategy for your salon, no matter what it is, that you take the time to tell your team about it and where necessary train them in how to handle any questions that clients may ask. My suggestion is you get all your Christmas marketing and ideas in place and to a launch meeting in early November to excite and inform everyone of what this Christmas has in store for clients and the team.

I have been in salons when a client calls up to enquire about a current promotion and the team person who has taken the call knows nothing about it. The salon owner has not taken the time to train them or sell them on the new idea.

You need to market to your team just as much as you do to clients. Just because a client enquires about a possible service or product, it does not mean they are ready to buy. They still often need to understand more about the benefits of the service or the benefits offered by the promotion.

Your team member needs to do the final information transfer. Make sure they have all the information to do it well.


Start to plan your December roster and look at what days you need full staff on and what days you can roster people off. Remember your full time and part time people must be given notice in writing to change their roster. Consider slightly later start times for some staff. If the salon is organised the day before, you may not need your junior staff to start until a little later. Be aware and try and keep overtime, which is a big cost, to a minimum.


It is only 12 weeks  to Christmas so everyone should be offering their clients not one but two or even three appointments to make sure your clients are organised.  Get your extended trading hours in place so your staff can plan if they are working extra hours and your clients can take advantage of extra late nights. Most people have already got this in place but be sure to double check you don’t miss any current clients.


At this time of the year most of your product companies will be coming to you with Christmas packs and special offers for Christmas.  Look carefully at what is on offer.  If it is good value and something that you know will sell, by all means buy it.  Be aware of packs that contain 2 lead products (good sellers) linked with a slow selling product.  You don’t want to find yourself stuck with excess stock in January and February.


If you are looking for a little motivation or inspiration please take 5 minutes to look at Christmas ideas and Inspirational Quotes on my Pinterest Page (Faye Murray).


I am so excited at how many people have registered to join our on line management course in the last month and the great feedback is still coming in. At the end of the course each person fills in a feedback from.

Some recent feedback

Q10I would like to offer the following testimonial for you to use:

I always doubted my management skills and was constantly questioning my actions, with this short course I am now confident in my relationship with my team and I am also confident in voicing concerns if I believe something could be done differently. From what I have already done I am very happy

Q10 I would like to offer the following testimonial for you to use:

I have only been managing for a year and wish I had done this course at the beginning. It showed me that I was doing some things right but I know have a whole list of things that I have changed and I am getting fantastic results. Still a lot to learn but I have promised myself that every month I am going to watch one of the sessions again. Well worth the time and dollars as I paid for the course myself not the salon owner.

For content info and registrations please click here https://yourcoach.net.au/management-program/