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Every salon has the opportunity to offer more advice to clients on what they should be using between salon visits.

Some of my top tips. I guarantee if you do this, not just for the next 2 weeks but every week for the rest of the year, you will see improvement.

  • For focus. At the beginning of each week give each person a list of the number of clients they did last week and a list of products those clients purchased.
  • Ask them to choose a product that they use in salon that they did not sell any of last week and offer them an extra reward of $2 for each of these products they sell (for this coming week. Not ongoing).
  • Remind the team at the end of the service “before moving to reception” ask the client if there are any products you can arrange for them to use at home.
  • During the service share what products are being used and hints and tips for the client.
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