How It All Works

When you purchase any of the resources that are for sale here, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. Once that is received you simply log in and go to “My Account' and then 'My Orders' and then 'Downloads'. There you will find your download link to the resource you have purchased, whether it is a document or an Mp3 recording.

Documents are provided in PDF format. This means that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read/print the files. Most computers will have a version of this free software on them already, but if you don't then you can CLICK HERE to go to Adobe to download the software for free. We don't send a printed version of the resource to you.

The link you receive access to will enable you to download the resource you have bought up to 2 times in case something happens to your first download. If you need to download it more than twice for any reason you will need to email us at and advise us of the circumstances and we'll respond promptly.

We recommend you immediately make a 'Safety Copy' of your downloads and save them somewhere so in case of accidental deletion you will have another copy.

Creating An Account

Regardless of whether you intend to purchase now or not it’s a good idea to create an account for future visits. That way you can log straight in whenever you visit. It also give you the opportunity to register to receive Faye’s monthly ‘Business and Marketing Hints and Tips’ totally free. To create an account just click on the ‘Register/Log in’ link at the top right hand side of this page and enter your details and you’re good to go! Also when creating your account you can subscribe to Faye's FREE monthly Business and Marketing Hints And Tips email.

What You’ll Find In The Store

Our large range includes such things as policies and procedures manuals, induction manuals, team meetings ideas, audio recordings of a vast range of teleworkshops hosted by Faye Murray and others on a huge variety of topics. These are sensational for building your own library of helpful hints tips and ideas for all sorts of salon specific issues. We are busy preparing a number of these resources, and if they're not in the store right now, please check back regularly as we'll be uploading more and more things in the coming weeks.

International purchasers are most welcome, and purchase prices will be displayed in the currency of your country.

Once you’ve registered you will be able to log in at any time to track all of your purchases, track delivery status of orders, print invoices and so on.