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My many years of coaching and working in both hair and beauty has given me a depth of knowledge and understanding that allows me to know exactly what is needed to create a tailored hair or beauty policy and procedure manual template. This will help owners or managers set up a great structure to support their business. I have included every subject that you will need to cover and you can choose and customise what will best suit your salon.

You will receive 66 General and 54 Client Service Policies and Procedures with 22,000 words that have been written by me.

Read on below to get the complete picture.

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We provide all of the text for you to copy, paste, customise and use to create your own manual. You will do the customising, formatting and printing.

The text you will receive contains in excess of 22,000 words that have been written specifically for the beauty industry. It has taken hundreds of hours to compile and will save you starting with a blank piece of paper and no real idea of what to include and where to start. We welcome your call to discuss anything you may wish to ask, and for assistance if needed. Call on 0409 342653 or 0400 221022 during office hours Monday – Friday.


You would typically copy and paste the text provided into a word document and format and modify it there to suit your own needs and then print it out.

Why Have A Policies & Procedures Manual?

One of the key management success tools is a professional and up to date Policies & Procedures Manual. Every salon owner knows this.

The benefits of having one are:

> It allows you to set clear and easy to follow standards, systems and procedures
> Your Policies and Procedure Manual forms the basis of your induction of all new team members
> It saves you time with repetition in training
> It can be referred to when re-focusing a team member who is not following procedure
> It says you are a professional salon that has strong structure
> It allows you to have consistently high standards that are understood and carried out by all team members

This draft manuscript is a fully comprehensive document that contains all of the elements needed for a complete salon manual. This will allow you to customise the wording to suit your individual circumstances whether you are in Australia or overseas.

It is split into two major headings:

1. General Policies & Procedures

2. Client Service Policies & Procedures

You will receive links to eight documents.

They are:

1. Complete General manual as a Word document
2. Complete General manual as a PDF file
3. Complete General manual as a plain text file
4. Complete Client Services manual as a Word document
5. Complete Client Services manual as a PDF file
6. Complete Client Services manual as a plain text file
7. All forms as a Word document
8. All forms as a PDF document

This is to provide you with as much flexibility as we can for your convenience.

Below is a list of what items are contained in the index of the Policies & Procedures manual. You may choose to use all headings or you can add or delete to suit your personal needs.

General Policies & Procedures


Welcome To Our New Team Member
The History Of Our Business
The Philosophy And Goals Of Our Business
Building Our Team Culture
Your Standards And Behaviour
Team Feedback
What Makes Us Special
Your Performance
When It Is Time To Leave
Poaching Of Clients
Price Changing/Discounts
The Salon Image And Your Image
Personal Hygiene
Smoking Policy
Drugs And Alcohol
Punctuality, Absences And Sickness Notification.
Change Of Address And/Or Status
Inappropriate Behaviour By A Client
Confidentiality Of Salon Records, Manuals And Business Information
Mobile Phones
Nuisance Phone Calls
Loan Of Salon Equipment
Recording And Correct Use of the Computer
Social Media Policy
Salon Promotions
Statements To The Media
Electrical Tagging
Petty Cash
Product Merchandising
Salon Amenities
Salon Maintenance
Break In Policy
Robbery Policy
Shop Lifting
Team Purchases & Family Discounts
Team Treatments
Annual Leave And Public Holidays
Leave Without Pay
Time and Attendance Records
College Attendance
Fitness To Start Work
Attending Work Related Social Functions
Medical Records
Privacy Statement Examples
Health And Safety
First Aid Kit
Fire And Emergency Procedure
Work Related Injury
Other Accidents
Client Injury
Flow Chart For Reporting Of Grievances
Team Meetings
Team Incentives
Wages & Superannuation
Cleaning Roster
Salon Keys & After Hours Use of Salon
Environmental Policy
Opening Procedures
Closing Procedures
Acknowledgement Of Receipt
Additional Items

Client Service Policies & Procedures


Telephone Manner
Making Phone Appointments
Making Online Appointments
Confirming Appointments
Re-Schedule Requests
Late Arrivals / No Shows / Cancellations
Time Management
Price Quoting at Reception
Price Quoting by Phone
We Welcome Clients, Not Greet
New Clients
How to Offer Your Client a Refreshment
How to Present Magazines to a Client
Farewelling Clients
How to Present a New Client Pack
Salon PayZip Pay/After Pay
Salon Appearance / Cleanliness
Presentation of Treatment Room
Disposable Biodegradable Towels
Message Regarding Client Mobile Phones in the Salon
Appropriate Salon Conversation
Minimum Standards Of Client Service
The Consultation…Steps and Service Touch Points
Continue to Communicate During and After the Service
Client Record Card/Pre-Consultation Form
Client Education/Product Recommendation
Team Member’s Plan for Successful Client Education (alternate steps for client education)
Client History Notes
Our Salon Message Bank
Serial No Show Client
The Service of Rebooking
Exchanges Refunds or Credits
Client Complaints
Complaints by Phone
Complaints in Person
Client Compliments
Gift Vouchers
Purchasing of a Gift Voucher
Purchasing Gift Vouchers by Phone or Online
Mailing Out and Courier Delivery of Gift Vouchers
Receiving Gift Vouchers
Our Loyalty Program
Calling a Non Returning Client
A Phone Call to Advise a Therapist Has Returned
A Turn Away (Sorry we had to say no) Card
How to Introduce the ‘Refer a Friend’ Card
How to Say Thank You for the Referral of a Friend
Acknowledgement Of Receipt
Additional Items