Retention A Must To Get Right

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One of my main focus areas with all my coaching clients is the high retention of clients.  I read something recently that I wanted to share. It said that an improvement by 2% in the number of clients that you retain is equal to a 10% decrease in costs. Everyone knows how difficult it is to cut costs, so does it not make sense to really put effort in every day to make sure that every client who comes into your salon comes back.

As a salon owner think about how much effort you put into this

  • Do you have a goal in place for retention? This should be 75% plus, in most cases for the salon and you will need to vary for each team member. A strong team member can be over 90% and a new emerging person can vary from 50% but must be growing each month.
  • Do you have a system to look at your salon retention rate each month (most computer programs offer great reports)
  • Do you look at each individual team member’s result each month
  • Do you talk to your team on a regular basis about success or opportunities to improve
  • Do you address with a team member when you see something that is not ‘client winning’ if not why not
  • Do you have a good loyalty program that says thank you to your regular clients
  • Do you have promotions that regular clients can see value in
  • Is every visit to your salon a great experience
  • I am sure you can add more to this important list
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