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Everyone is interested and excited by new and different things. As consumers we experience this every day. Same old can become very boring and we lose interest when we are bored. In most salons, 80% plus are people who are returning clients. Maybe they have been to you once before or maybe twenty times. Next time a returning clients visits, what will they experience, that is new or different in your salon? Some touch points to think about:

  • Your consultation should always have some element of change. It may be very slight but change is a must.
  • New services and products. How well do you share this knowledge with clients?
  • New team members are they always introduced to your clients?
  • Winter is almost here, what changes in your salon for winter? Refreshments are good to change.

Never allow a returning client to get bored with you. The single biggest reason clients leave a salon is not because of bad hair it is because of indifferent and poor service.

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