September 2018


We only have 3 months left for the year. I don’t count December as it is so busy it just flies by. Some good questions to ask of yourself, as a business manager and these also link with team retention.

Have you done an appraisal (or a coffee and chat) with each team person recently? The purpose is, to share what they are doing well and say “well done” and to share “where improvement is needed.” and then  to put in place any action that is needed. Also it is an opportunity to look out for any challenges they might have that need to be discussed.

No relationship will be strong and long lasting unless there is good communication.

Look for ways to “talk with” your team as you prepare for the busiest time of the year. I promise you, it is worth the investment.


I recently was preparing my day and as part of getting ready to coach one of my clients that I have worked with for one year, I checked her reviews on FB and found she has EIGHTY 5 star reviews. All of which say what a good salon this is when a new client is searching for somewhere to go for great service and a special experience. How do they get so many? They simply ask their clients who love them and the experience, to add a review and it just happens. Ask yourself are you asking enough clients who love you to shout out for you.


These are two of my favorite sayings. The first is of course for hairdressers to remember and the second relates to both hair and beauty.

If you have long coloured (especially lightened hair) the condition is so important to maintain and so a treatment is essential, not optional. You need to talk to clients and make sure they understand this simple statement. You can’t expect to have long healthy hair without a good quality treatment that you use on a regular basis. Weekly is what works for me.

There are so many products that hairdressers and beauty therapists have available that we, as novices, don’t know about unless told of the benefits to us. So please talk to your clients and share what it is that you have that they need to know about. This is helping them to have beautiful hair and skin.


In the last couple of weeks I have been reviewing web sites to see what needs to be changed. Here are some things that I have noticed and shared with my clients during coaching that they need to focus on

  • Too many people don’t update content on a regular basis
  • Gift vouchers are not featured enough, other than Mother’s Day and Christmas on many beauty web sites
  • There is a need to shout out about the expertise you offer
  • Have a link to FB and Instagram
  • Show a profile of individual team members and what they offer
  • Show a monthly promotion to add value
  • Showcase your services and examples of what you offer

So the message is check out your web site and keep it current


During September and October I will be working with my clients to get a strong Christmas plan in place to ensure December and January are busy trading months. My experience has taught me not to just hope it happens but to put in place an exciting marketing plan to get the best result you can.

Start to think about any new ideas you can use this year and how you can refresh and package any tried and tested ones to make sure you include these also.


Delivered by Faye Murray in conjunction with MIG College Brisbane.

This program is designed for all salon staff from juniors to the most experienced, and owners.  You will learn new ideas and be excited to offer the best client service.

Delivered over 90 minutes. 6.00pm to 7.30 pm

This workshop is about winning and retaining each and every client. Faye will look closely at what it takes to impress a client and have them return to you, not just once but ongoing

The investment for this invaluable workshop is just $59 (prepaid).

Tuesday, 23rd October – Are You Good Enough To Win and Retain Clients

Venue: MIG College 12 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd Upper Mt Gravatt.

Bookings: MIG training on (07) 3349 6538 (numbers will be limited)


We now have all of the people who started the course in the first month have now finished and the feedback has been great. I am so excite that so many are getting value from the on line course. It is so good for busy people that don’t have a lot of time and for those without a lot of experience with managing staff.

Here are some of the comments:

“Love the flexibility or being able to do each session when I had time. Even though I received the email on Monday, I mostly did not watch till my day off on Wednesday”

“Thank you Faye. This was so simple to follow as I am just new to managing staff. The way you say things is so good. Wish I had you in my salon every day”

“I have made so many changes in the salon from what you taught me and I am seeing great results. I love the fact that I could go back over anything several times”

“Loved it all but especially the team videos. Great content and short enough to watch in a team meeting then talk about”

Want to find out more

 For content info and registrations please click here


I have a lovely young lady whom I use to do my graphic work and she is available to work with some more clients or to do single projects. She is lovely to work with and is quite reasonable with her costing for the quality she produces. Her contact details are.

Jenna  Picken

0413 036 771