June 2020


There are two points during the year when it is great to step back and have a good look at your business. The beginning of a new financial year is almost here again and is one of the times to do so.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What did you achieve this financial year?
  • Did you achieve your goals?
  • What do you want to achieve during the next financial year?
  • What are your new goals?
  • What do you need to change?
  • Have you done your price increases as needed? I still suggest if you have a price increase due at the beginning of July that you do this.
  • What is still sitting in the too hard basket?

The true measurement of your business success is your profit. In these challenging times I have worked with many salons that have faced the dilemma of less income but have still maintained a healthy profit by really being aware of controlling costs and thanks to Job Keeper and some grants.

Every business should be looking at their profit and loss on a regular basis. Every month is best but every quarter is certainly the least that you should be doing this. Most of you are using a bookkeeper or accountant to prepare your BAS. You can ask for a profit and loss to be done at this same time or your accounting package can do this quite simply. Without this review you have no control over your money in and money out.

Once a year is definitely not enough. It is too long and too late once the year has passed. If you need to have this as one of your goals please look at getting this in place now. Don’t wait, it is too important.


Welcome to HeadHunter Recruitment!

To support the hairdressing, beauty and barbering industries grow and prosper in the small business sector and address current employment challenges, the Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) has launched a new industry specific recruitment site – HeadHunter Recruitment.

Some absolutely amazing features so be sure to take 5 minutes to look at the web site for now or future use.

Useful tips to write interesting ads

  • Email templates for responding to enquiries
  • Text message communication
  • Candidate screening guide
  • The ability to add both video and images to job ads
  • Your salon logo displayed
  • Head Hunter Recruitment will also be one of the first sites in recruitment to provide in-platform video interviewing (available mid-June), which will save employers much time and energy and also assist social distancing regulations during the current COVID-19 health crisis.


Visit: The AHC HeadHunter Recruitment

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the HeadHunter Recruitment team at gm@headhunter.org.au


June is the beginning of winter. A new season and a great time to think change

  • We change the type of clothes we wear
  • We change the colour/style of our hair
  • We change our skin management routine
  • We change our body moisturiser. We need more nourishment to avoid dryness
  • We change the style of food we eat

June is change time. Make sure you offer your clients new things so they can enjoy the changes. Remember change them or they might just change you. Clients like to try new things. So, offer choices and let them make the decision to buy. If you don’t ask you won’t get.


Each day when you walk into the salon you should think about it as your stage. The salon is the theatre where you get to entertain and act (even if you don’t feel great). Your clients expect a good performance. Remember your clients are your audience and they see everything you do and say. Bad performance and they tell others. Good performance and they tell others. Which do you want for your salon?


Do you offer to new clients the service of a video quote consultation?

This is a product of the Covid19 changes but I think it is a great idea that will stay with us as a service that is both great for clients but can be a special feature for your salon. Many of my clients are offering this and loving it.

For those many clients who ask for a quote for a colour service invite them to a complimentary 10-minute video consultation. Saves them coming to the salon (which most won’t) and saves you wasted appointment time in salon.

You can clearly see what their hair is like currently and if it is possible to achieve what they are wanting and during the consult you can start to connect with them and build trust. Also this is a great point of difference.


We are already into June but because everyone has been so busy with the changes necessary in the last few months maybe you don’t have your winter package or promotion in pace yet.

I like this marketing idea as it runs for 3 months and that makes it simple and easy to work with.

It can be anything you want it to be. A bundle of popular services that link well together. I don’t suggest you discount. Value add with a low-cost service or a product. If you do add a product remember to include the full retail price in the value of the package, even though you always have a good mark up on a product.

Once you have in place look at all the exciting ways you can share this not just now but for the next 3 months.