August 2020


The new financial year is a great time to make changes in your business, so I thought I would give you a check list that you might like to consider.

  • Review your Covid safe policy and continue to share with your clients what you have in place. Remember “clients are watching”
  • Look at your marketing calendar through till the end of the year and make changes based on your needs.
  • Check your salon structure and systems and make changes. Without order in your business you will never have control.
  • Get your holiday roster in place for the rest of the year and the first 2 months of 2021.
  • Look at that list you have been avoiding doing and start with the most important and work through it.
  • Look at anything new or different you want to introduce to improve your client service or your team motivation.
  • Make some one on one time to talk to each team member and focus them in the direction you need for great client service, salon success and profitability for the coming year.
  • Review your web site and remove anything out of date and add what’s new.


When I first start to coach a client, it amazes me how many people do not use this absolutely essential tool from your software program. If you aren’t please add it to your MUST DO LIST. When planning your day/week/month look at the value of future appointments on your computer. I suggest that you MUST do this each day for both the salon and for each individual.

Link this to your goals. In other words, be aware from the start of the day what the gap is, for individuals and the salon, between the value of existing appointments and the goal for the day.  It is a great focus to know your starting point and then at the end of the day to see how much extra was achieved by using this focus tool.


Good managers come in all shapes and sizes; their personalities and character traits can be as varied as a bag of mixed lollies. Regardless of whether they’re loud or quiet, zany or to-the-point, all good managers have a few things in common.

Here are my six signs of a great manager. Do you have this culture in your salon?

  1. They have built respectful and supportive teams.
  2. They care about their team’s development.
  3. They listen.
  4. They follow up.
  5. They lead a balanced lifestyle.
  6. They provide clear direction.


Many managers assume that when they ask for feedback, people will offer their thoughts candidly and directly. But that doesn’t always happen in your team meetings.

You will always have some team members who have a lot to say and voice opinions both negatively and positively and then you have others who don’t say anything unless you directly ask them to.

Silence can mean one of two things. They agree or they don’t agree. So how do you know?

Look for body language and signs and you can in most cases see what they are feeling and thinking. This is much easier to do in a small group. If you see signs that they are not engaged and perhaps not comfortable with what is being discussed and they don’t seem keen to have their say, make a note to talk to them one on one. You will get a more honest answer if you do this. Low assertive team members will always like to run with the pack and not be seen to disagree.

It is important that as a manager you listen to all your team not just the outspoken ones.


The Secret Fox Education will be going LIVE in the Subscribers Group with PAULA HIBBARD on Monday August 24th at 12pm Sydney time!

The HOW and WHY – the things she does that ensures success!

In the 4-hour session – 12pm-4pm – Paula will take you through two unique, on-trend bridal looks:

  • Lived-in Bridal incorporating fresh flowers
  • A Gorgeous Classical and Elegant style

And as an added bonus, Paula will share with you what she carries in her kit on location as a freelance Artist – the little added must-haves and extras that will WOW your client!

The Secret Fox Education delivers monthly training to salons all over the globe at an affordable price, in an accessible way. It allows you to learn ALL the latest techniques and trends from your hair & beauty industry faves with real education literally in the palm of your hand!

Click on the link to join for $99 TheSecretFox/Paula-Hibbard and to receive $25 off enter code FOX25 at checkout.


Brand your salon with personalised hand sanitizers from Glide Hair Tool. This is a great idea for you to offer mini sanitizer bottles with your own brand. It comes to you in a one litre bulk bottle along with the empty bottles for you to fill. A great idea for a client gift for their handbag and if you give this to the client on arrival they can use during the service if they choose to.

Sad as it is, I think we are all going to need to sanitize for quite some time and these would look so professional.


For years we ‘ve all heard the adage, blondes have more fun. Visions of light-haired beauties dance in our heads, frolicking in the sun, flirting with everyone in sight, and catching the eye of others, seemingly without effort. But could this age-old saying possibly be true? According to Australian hair artist and educator Paula Hibbard, not necessarily. Click her to see the full article