September 2020


We really are living in a changing world, especially with the changes we have needed to make with Covid. Everything is moving so fast and if you, as a business owner, are not looking at what your client’s new needs are, you are going to get left behind very quickly. Your clients don’t need the same as they did a year ago. Their needs and expectations have changed. Have you changed your service points to match?

An exercise to check that you are moving with your clients: – (try and do this without including what you have been forced to do for Covid).

Write down 3 things you have changed in your business in the last 3 months
Write down 6 things you have changed in your business this year

It should take you only a few minutes to think about the answers. If you have implemented new and different things, they should be easy to identify because you should still be excited and they should be focus points within your business. Don’t introduce something new and let it die.

If you can’t make a list, you need to move your mind into change mode. To assist, you must be aware that in today’s market your clients:

• Want to buy what “they” need
• Make decisions totally based on “their” needs, so be sure to show the value you can provide to them
• Are also making decisions based on expertise and education, so include this in your marketing and conversations with them

Most salons, both hair and beauty, (with the exception of Victoria) are trading well and are working with full appointment schedules and a wait list. Don’t take this for granted. Continue to offer what is seen as “the best” and you will continue to be busy.


As a professional hairdresser or beauty therapist who works with time as a key part of what you do, it is important to value your time and make sure you charge for it. There are only so many hours in a given day and that is one of the ways you make a living, by selling your time. So, start to value it, as you should.
One of the most common things that people forget in business is to charge for all the extra little bits done for clients. Now I am not saying you should not do extra things for your clients, because I am always talking about adding points of difference. But there is a difference. When you add a point of difference make sure your clients realise they are getting something extra at no cost to them. You are adding it because you want them to feel special.

What you must not do:

• Give away a product or service without a valid reason. (It quickly becomes expected and loses the special factor)
• Give a discount without a reason and, if and when you discount, always ensure it is still profitable
• Give your time as the owner to anyone or anything that does not add value to you personally or professionally
• Give a donation that does not match the brand of your business and add some value to your business
• Have one team member who charges different prices just because they can

There are many opportunities where professionals give things away when they don’t need to. Think about this one carefully.


START.ME.UP – Taster for 2021 Tuesday 20th October 2020
I am asked often who do I recommend for cutting training for apprentices or in some cases senior hairdressers who have not been well trained especially for short hair. Michael Belcastro offers great training to match this need. He is not just a very good hairdresser he is a patient and very thorough educator. He is based in Sydney but offers education in other areas.

START.ME.UP is a monthly cutting program tailored to 1st & 2nd year apprentices who want a greater understanding of the importance of getting on the right track early in their career. Throughout the program they will work on classic haircuts which can be brought directly to the salon floor. We encourage them to practice the haircut and techniques they have worked through a minimum of once a week before their next class.


Learn from the best in the biz. Stay up to date with current trending looks and techniques. Organic, unpretentious, real education for hairdressers and makeup artists right here in your pocket.

Celebrate the Secret Fox’s 3rd birthday with a 12 month subscription for only $49 per month or if you pay upfront ONLY $594 (RRP $1,188)

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I will be a featured guest on Monday the 9th November from 10.00am – 2.00pm, so be sure to sign up before then to have access to my session. JOIN UP HERE

I will be talking about 3 really great subjects and I promise there will be a big refresh of what you have heard before and maybe forgotten and a host of new exciting ideas to get ready for a great Christmas.

• Some of my favourite things that make a salon successful
• Team leadership
• Communication is the key for clients and team


Yes, I know that is scary but I have just finished my Christmas planning for 2020. Have you had some thinking time about this? Start early so that by the beginning of November you are ready to go.
The really big growth area this year will definitely come from on-line gift voucher sales so now is the time to get this in place if it is not a current service you offer. Gift vouchers in general are a growth opportunity across all sectors and because buyers are busy, they are more and more inclined to shop online (especially this year).
Coaching clients you will receive your Christmas Marketing Kit very soon, so you will be all organized for a great Christmas.