March 2019

MY SAYING FOR THE YEAR: Remember winners do what losers won’t do

What have you done in the last month that needed you to step outside your comfort or normal zone? What have you done that is new or different? So many salons don’t change year to year let alone do something new on a monthly basis. New does not have to be a big change it can be special and small. My view of the salon world is that those who are doing well and growing are the movers and shakers who are also constantly looking for what they can offer that is special and different.


Speak with clarity        Speak with compassion    Speak with conviction   Speak with confidence

I read this recently and thought I would share with you. Think about your communication and how you make others feel. Do you leave a positive impression? That should always be your aim.


I updated the two versions of my policies and procedure manuals at the beginning of this year. I have a separate one for hair and beauty and I am so pleased that lots of salons have purchased the new version to either update theirs (as it was outdated and did not match the current procedures) or to do a new one (because they did not have).

If you have not updated yours for some time this is a great opportunity to do so. Here is an example of just one of the templates in the manual.


The following points are not just words on a page, but genuinely represent the aspirations I have for our salon. I believe them to be the foundation on which a successful salon is built.

Clients have many options about which salon to choose, and we must create an experience for them that sets us apart from the ordinary for them to continue to choose us.

Our clients do not come to us to purchase a haircut, colour or styling service, they come to us to acquire a great image that affects both how they see themselves and how others see them. They come to us so that when they leave they have confidence in their appearance and know they look their best. They come to us to receive an hour or two of total attention from a dedicated professional who cares and who knows what current fashion is and what will suit them and their budget.

I can assure you that I will always strive:
To provide an enjoyable and professional environment for team members and clients
To offer skills and personal development training to stay ahead of our competition and meet the needs of all clients
To remunerate and reward team members in accordance with results
To build a loyal clientele, based on beautiful hairdressing, consistent service and value
To build and nurture a loyal team by recognition and rewards, flexibility, fun and open communication
To achieve realistic profit results
To continue to grow and improve


Something to think about when it comes to documents and resources that you have written in your salon. They take a lot of time, they are based on your knowledge and experience, they are very valuable and I hate to hear of someone else thinking it is acceptable to take it and claim it is theirs.

Apart from the fact that it is illegal. I was recently doing a coaching and a new client showed me her policy manual which she had purchased from another coach and it was almost word for word my manual. I was not happy and nor should you be if someone takes your intellectual property.

Here is a guide for you to use on anything that you want to protect.

This document is copyrighted and all rights are reserved by (insert your business name).

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form, or stored in a database or retrieval system or transmitted or distributed in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical photocopying, and recording or otherwise without written permission from (insert your business name)

On every page of the document you put copyright and the year. When you update a resource you do not change the original date of copyright.


When was the last time you did training on how to help a client when making an appointment? This is often your first point of contact and so important to get right. Go over all the key points to consider with a telephone appointment. Check all the key points to consider when making an appointment in person. A few to get you started. A smile can be heard on the phone and so can a frown. Don’t let an untrained person answer the phone.  Don’t speak too quickly even when busy. If a new client, offer tips on parking and location of the salon. There are many more to cover so don’t miss anything as it is too important not to get right.


An effective team leader has a variety of traits and characteristics that encourage team members to follow him or her. Team leaders naturally possess certain qualities, such as compassion and integrity or learn leadership skills through formal training and experience. The qualities of an effective team leader inspire the trust and respect of the team and stimulate production within the workplace…..DOES YOUR SALON HAVE AN EFFECTIVE TEAM LEADER?


This is a question I have been asking of my clients this month. I am confident that a good salon manager who has a happy and loyal team is going to confidently say a big “yes” to this. As a busy salon owner how often do you recognise and speak to other clients in the salon that are not your personal clients. Think about it. Every client in your salon is your client so when you get some spare time do a walk around your salon and meet and greet your clients.