June 2019


Remember winners do what losers won’t do


As we are now in the sixth month of the year, it is time to review what changes you have made to strengthen your focus on the retention of your clients for 2019. Salon owners are constantly looking for ways to get new clients and you should always have a focus on this, however, keeping the ones you already have is even more critical.

Some points to check

How do make your current clients feel special? How they feel is so important
What changes do you regularly make in your salon that current clients will notice and value?
Do you make sure that current clients are never taken for granted?
Do you have rewards to say thank you to your clients such as an exciting and up to date loyalty program or a thank you gift when they refer a friend?
When was the last time you said a sincere “Thank you, I value your support as a client”
These are just some of the easy ways to help retain your clients. Treat everyone like they are gold and they will help to grow your salon business faster than trying to constantly get more new clients.

Remember to check each month the retention report on your computer. My goals are that a salon should sit at 65-75% retained clients, absolute minimum. Each individual hairdresser or beauty therapist will vary but never should anyone who has been with you longer than 3 months be at less than 45%.


Say goodbye to the first 6 months of the year and for many salon owners they are quite happy for them to be gone. These are the most challenging months of the year but my view overall is that 2019 has been a great start to the year.

There are all sorts of reasons why the first half of the year is not as good as the second half: –

§  Lots of public holidays

§  Key staff on holidays

§  May is tax time for salons

§  Sometimes the first couple of months are a challenge to get organised and motivated

§  An election with its fair share of gloom and doom

From  June say no more excuses. No more cruising.  For the rest of the year have a commitment to “make it happen”. There are many salons that are doing well. I am seeing more and more salons that are fully booked a big percentage of the time (a nice problem to have). Make the decision to be one of them. There are two things you need to get right:-

·         You must offer your clients better

·         You must offer your clients different

Average, OK, acceptable you can achieve by cruising.  Better and different is what you must give. You and your whole team have to commit to work hard to achieve this. Enrol your team and make the most of the rest of the year. Christmas comes around very quickly!


Welcome to the month of June and the official beginning of winter for 2019. It has been a warm start to winter in most states but it must hit us soon (Probably by the time you are reading this).  What needs to change in your salon?  Check your posters to make sure you don’t have any leftover summer or autumn messages. Time to introduce to your refreshment menu your winter touches. Hot chocolate (with marshmallows), maybe a new herbal tea.

Share your winter promotions with your clients and excite them about why they need a new winter look. Talk treatments and condition.

Hot towels as part of your shampoo experience are always a nice point of difference. Warm the bed and paraffin for beauty salons.

Introduce a change of style or colour to our client. Clothes change and so should hair. Winter treatments for beautiful skin are about peels and hydration.

Winter months can be a really busy time in salons but you will need to go out and tell clients and prospective clients what it is that you have that they WANT and NEED. Don’t assume they know.


There are now two separate sections for each manual and there is a hair specific and beauty specific manual. I am super excited with the changes. We have gone from a template with 16,000 words to our new version that has more than 22,000 words. I am confident that there is everything you need to create a professional and current resource for your salon. You download it in various formats including as a Word document that you can personalise and make changes as well as PDF and plain text files. It will save you hundreds of hours.

So if you haven’t updated your manual for some time, now is the perfect time.

Here is your code:  JUNEPANDP

This will reduce the cost to $395 from $595 and includes both the Client Services and General Policies manuals for both Hair and Beauty.

Go to yourcoach.net.au/shop/ and click on hair or beauty find the manuals and copies of the index to show what is contained in each. You can choose what you need to suit your salon.


Presented by Faye Murray & Paula Hibbard

The Roadshows have kicked off and are so much fun. From now until September we may be coming to your town and we would love you to come and join us. De Lorenzo has kindly offered the day to everyone who would like to come along not just to De Lorenzo salons.

Numbers are limited so please don’t leave it too late to book.

The next roadshow is in Adelaide on 1st July at The Hilton (233 Victoria Square, Adelaide)


Perth July 8th

Sydney July 15th

Brisbane July 29th

Townsville July 30th

Canberra September 9th

To book tickets for Adelaide please follow the link :-