September 2019


At the ABIA awards which were held on 25th August at the Star Casino in Sydney in front of a crowd of 1,000 people I was inducted into the ABIA Hall of Fame.  This was such a surprise and a great honor. Many of you have seen this on social media but for those who have not here is a link


One of the best ways to make sure your clients return is to do what I call ‘plan the next visit’. During the service, talk about your plan for the client. “Susie, the next time you come, this is what I suggest we change.” or choose some words that specifically suit the clients’ needs.

This tells the client you are interested in looking after them and you are thinking about what is going to be right for them. Be sure to make some notes in their history so you can refer back to your suggestions.

Retaining clients is not difficult but it will not happen if you do the same as every other hairdresser or beauty therapist that your client has been to before. You need to stand out and satisfy their expectations and leave a lasting impression.


Managers and salon owners play a significant role in helping staff understand why their jobs matter. One way you can do this is by asking questions and engaging people on their ideas about your salon. Make it clear that there is a wide range of possibilities for how work gets done and that you want your team to try new things, have fun, and love coming to work. At the same time, keep them focused on meeting goals and retaining clients. Remain ambitious and excited always and push your team to continually accomplish more.


Your best team member will always be the one who is fully booked. However, no matter how good they are, everyone has gaps. The question is how much do those gaps cost.

An interesting exercise.

If a person is paid for a 38-hour week and has 10 half hour gaps during that time they actually are not productive for 5 hours which is about 13% of their time. 10 half hour gaps never look much in an appointment schedule. A lot of people are not busy the last half hour of the day and there is always the rude no show. If you have gaps, think about how you can fill those gaps. Always work with a cancellation list and control the 15 min and 30 min gaps to allow for a longer appointment to be taken when requested. Make time to look at the whole appointment schedule often and that means several times a day. This is a key management task of every owner or manager.


Yes, I know that is scary but I have started to really work on some good ideas for this year. Have you had some thinking time for this? Start early so that by the beginning of November you are ready to go.

The really big growth area this year will definitely come from on-line gift voucher sales so now is the time to get this in place if it is not a service you offer. Gift vouchers in general are a growth opportunity across all sectors and because buyers are busy, they are more and more inclined to shop on-line.

I will have the Christmas kit for coaching clients in late September.


You can still save $100 off the policy manual until the end of the month.

There are now two separate sections for each manual and there is a hair specific and beauty specific manual. We have gone from a template with 16,000 words to our new version that has more than 22,000 words. I am confident that there is everything you need to create a professional and current resource for your salon. You download it in various formats including as a Word document that you can personalise and make changes as well as PDF and plain text files. It will save you hundreds of hours.

So, if you haven’t updated your manual for some time, now is the perfect time.

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Go to and click on hair or beauty find the manuals and copies of the index to show what is contained in each. You can choose what you need to suit your salon.