What’s New For 2024


As salons start to gear up for Christmas, I start to work on my changes for 2024, to be sure that at the beginning of the New Year I am ready to give you some new fresh ideas and to get you focused on the old ones that are tried and tested.  So, this is what I am planning and what some of my focus area will be for next year.


During the year I keep adding to my long list of what salons need and what needs to change. I then set aside two full weeks in December to review all my coaching resources to cater for what is needed moving forward for success. I will have lots to share to help grow and support your business next year.

Some key focus areas for 2024 are:-

  • Organisation. Most people never have enough hours in the day. We will be working on how to manage this better
  • The key things that make a big difference. This is different for everyone. We will personalize this
  • New ideas to get the most from your team. I have some fresh ones to work on
  • Team culture with focus on retention. Again, some new ideas
  • Apprentice training and development. Critical to have a system to work with this


I will be adding to my zoom training for 2024. This has been so well received this year I am going to add more exciting subjects to cater for management, reception, apprentice communication and team training. I would love any suggestion that you would like for the New Year.


  • How to handle the dreaded complaint
  • How to guide team members to give their best
  • Building a team culture to match 2024
  • Consultation changes for 2024
  • Reception needs to be 10 out of 10
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