Exciting Team Meetings – Beauty

My many years of coaching and working in both hair and beauty have given me in-depth of knowledge and understanding that allows me to know exactly what is needed to deliver exciting team meetings.

This is a great resource for owners or managers to give them ideas on how to communicate and deliver exciting team meetings.

Perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their team meetings and who currently may find it difficult to make meetings interesting and engaging.

You will receive over 65 pages with 29 team meeting subjects – your team will want to attend.

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Please read all information carefully about this product so you understand what is included.

We provide all of the text for you to customise and use to create exciting team meetings. You will do the customising, formatting and printing. This is to provide you with as much flexibility as we can for your convenience.

We don’t customise or print this resource for you – you will receive a digital copy

You will receive one link to a downloadable pdf resource.

We welcome your call to discuss anything you may wish to ask, and for assistance if needed. Call on 0409 342653 during office hours Monday – Friday


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