Are you missing opportunities?


A friend of mine told me recently that she had just been to Queensland for a holiday and as a treat she booked into what she believed to be a really good hairdressing salon.

She was aware of their reputation, she checked out their website and social media before making the appointment and was very confident the service would be amazing.

She lives in a regional town in Victoria and is a regular client at a salon, that provides really good personalised service but felt she wanted to try a ‘top salon for a special treat.

During the consultation, she shared that she had been holidaying at the beach and her hair was really dry. That to me was a really big hint and saying ‘my hair needs help’. I would have expected that a treatment would have been recommended, but sadly no advice was offered.

She received a great cut and blow dry but had to wait to return to her regional salon where she is always offered a treatment.

She does use salon-only products but on this occasion was open to suggestions as she needed to re-stock and thought she might like to try something new. No recommendation was made in relation to what products she could use between salon visits. Maybe the hairdresser assumed “she is only a tourist” and would not value the advice.

So my message is, please listen to what your clients say and as a professional hairdresser when you can offer help, please do so. This lady knew her hair was dry and was not behaving the way it should, because she had been in and out of salt water and sun.

This is what I call a missed opportunity.

My definition of an ‘opportunity’ is something I talk about constantly to my clients.

“An opportunity is something that you see or hear that allows to you can take action, to get a result to help someone solve a problem”

I know that opportunities fall at every single person’s feet daily and some people recognise the opportunities and take action, others just let them go by.

If you learn to recognise opportunities to help your clients they will say ‘thank you’ and you will have happier clients who will be more loyal to you. That is what everyone should want to achieve.

Have a chat to yourself and ask ‘are you missing opportunities?’

Your Coach Faye Murray

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