Welcome To 2024


Welcome to 2024. My feedback so far from clients, is that November and December were strong trading months. Together, we planned well and prepared to “make it happen”.

I want to drawer your attention to the negative industry and media social media comments in November and December, stating the decline in clients and income. At first, I read these with concern and then realised these salon businesses were not part of “my world” and thankfully not “my clients world”.

I loved the emails, calls and text messages I received sharing your success stories and I am proud to say that the end of year for 2023 was strong and in many cases well above goals and expectations. I’m looking forward my clients first coaching of the year, to look at in detail the results and ideas to improve pre-Christmas 2024.

Success in November and December comes from the strength of your business that you build in the 10 months prior, across all areas. Success does not come from discounts or price competition to attract clients, for what should be your fully booked period. Reasons to buy and Christmas offers I support, as long as they are profitable for your business.

We do always get movement with clients having last minute “disasters” and that will never change. Your booking fee and cancellation policy have helped to manage this. There will always be exceptions where you will need to manage these case by case.

Based on trading in the last 6 months of 2023, I am super confident that we are going to have a strong 2024. I realise that I am very fortunate to work with salons that want to be successful and are prepared to put in the effort and make the changes needed to get the results.  I have a very positive view of the hair and beauty world. I am aware that some salons in Australia don’t have the same growth and success.

To work with me you don’t have to be a big salon;

You just need to “be prepared to change and put in the effort”

I have to say that each salon I work with has a leader (or leadership team) who may not spend 50 hours a week cutting or colouring hair or hands on doing beauty treatments but they are constantly focused on their business in the ways that bring success.

I look forward to helping you to make 2024 another successful year.

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