Bring on the Good Times

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Yes, the best is yet to come.  We all know that the first 6 months are usually a bit of a challenge for lots of reasons.  I personally hate all the public holidays.  I never seem to catch up from these.  Salons that sell lots of gift vouchers in December work through these usually in the first 6 months. Lots of people take holidays in the early part of the year. The list goes on.

The reality is that if you look at your income figures the period from July to December is always the best.  That is good news to be reminded of.

So, get ready to be busy.  Start to plan your marketing.  Get your training plans really rocking so everyone is up to speed.  Check the attitude of everyone right.  This won’t happen unless you manage it in a positive way.

It is 4 months to November which is the beginning of the busy Christmas trade. So, get ready.

What I am clearly seeing is that almost all of the people I work with and coach are getting good results and good growth on last year.  They are off their butts and doing lots to make it happen.  They aren’t just hoping the phone will ring or an online booking will be made. Most of all they aren’t listening to the negative social media comments.

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