Exit Interviews

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I thought I would share some interesting feedback. One of the biggest challenges faced in hair and beauty salons today is finding good team members and making sure you retain them. That is not the news!

Are you brave enough to do an exit interview when someone leaves you, to find out the reasons why?

If they are moving to a different area, having a baby, change of career, whatever the reason, I suggest you ask what they enjoyed about working in your salon and what did not meet their expectations. You may get some surprises.

The three reasons for not meeting expectations that I believe are top of the current list are:

  • Lack of flexibility especially to cater for family needs
  • Poor team culture
  • Not feeling valued

Note none of these are about money. I believe money goes to the top of the list when someone is generally not happy. I recently took some time to look at what ads were placed on Seek. Of the 15 for hair and beauty 12 out of 15 were all about money. I believe if they “come” because you pay the most they will leave when a better offer is made.

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