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All clients received in December a Planning Day Guide. An 8-page list of all the things to choose what changes you need to make for 2024. I suggested that in January, time was set aside “with someone” to review and plan changes for the year. Everyone will be different. Some established salons may have only a few changes others may have a long list. Plan to introduce as time allows each month. You don’t have to implement everything NOW. I will discuss with each client during their first coaching for the year.

An example of what your list might look like:

  • Opportunities for new clients
  • Focus on retention of clients
  • Review social media plan
  • Review website
  • Review communication between owner and team
  • What can be delegated
  • Review rewards and recognition opportunities
  • Team meeting. Full review of all client touch points
  • Plan price increase for the year
  • Training plan for skills and client service
  • Review consultation procedure
  • Make sure your salon is a great experience
  • Share what you do that is special and ensure it is consistent
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