Re-Booking Is A Service But Also About Education

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This week I had a conversation with a salon owner who has 3 of her team that had strong re-booking and 2 that had what I would describe “poor re-booking”.  Lots of reasons (or excuses) as to why “their clients don’t choose to re-book”.

A new client on their first visit should be educated as to why you offer the service of re-booking and what the benefits are to them as a client returning to the salon. If a client who has been coming to the salon for 2 years and has not been offered the “service” of re-booking BUT simply asked “would you like to re-book” you will have a challenge changing their habit of not doing so.

Re-booking should be about planning the next visit and choosing the right number of weeks. Not everyone is the same. We want to avoid movement because you book an 8-week client at 6 weeks.

Review how all your team are offering this service and make sure everyone is doing it well.

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