February 2020


By now you all should have your marketing planner well underway. If not why not! Don’t leave it any longer.

You can’t run a salon business successfully and expect growth without a plan for promoting your salon and the services you offer. Here is a checklist to look over. This might inspire you to add some more key points to your marketing plan and to get it together.

  • Look for new clients every day
  • Focus on retention of clients you already have
  • Give your clients reasons to spend
  • Have a social media plan
  • Constantly improve your skills and services
  • Listen more than you talk
  • Be a networking queen (king)
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Make sure your salon is a great experience so others will talk about you
  • Promote the experience a client will receive
  • Be sure you have a rewards program, not a loyalty program. Is it time for a change?
  • How many methods do you have to ask for reviews?


There are so many ways in a salon that we communicate every day. I have chosen to discuss what I think is the most important to get right and the one that so many get wrong without even realising. Put simply “It is not what you say but how you say it.” that counts.

The tone that you use can completely change the meaning of words from positive to negative and as a receiver if we hear a tone that we don’t like we react and respond accordingly. Clients respond by not returning.

Staff can respond in two ways:

  1. They get their back up and resist you and can be the leader of unrest in the salon


  1. They get upset and feel pressured and not valued

Most of the time, poor tone is used when a person is busy and under pressure. This is an excuse, not a reason. So, think about how you are saying things and if it is conveying a positive or negative feeling.


Most managers find that they rarely end a day having done what they planned to do. They spend most of their time solving unexpected problems, looking after clients and making sure general salon work gets done. But there are three essential things that managers should do every day:

Build trust with your team by making time to listen, asking questions, and showing interest, offering suggestions and showing you care and understand. Remember with trust, respect is earned.

Build balance with your team This is achieved by giving direction clearly so it can be understood and must be combined with sincere recognition. You can’t have one without the other. Look for the little things to say well done for, as well at the wow things. You will always have opportunities to share how to improve if you look for them. Make sure you don’t only tell your team what they are doing wrong.

Build communication opportunities There are many ways to do this but sometimes it can be a challenge in a busy salon. Regular team meetings are a must. If you can’t get everyone together record the meeting on your phone and allocate time for the non-attendee to listen to it.  A closed FB page for just your team works well for 2-way communication. One-on-one chats on a regular basis also work well. Most of all look for signs of concern and take the time to communicate. Don’t think “it will sort itself out” It rarely does.


I suggest you start to take the time and start to prepare for the month of April, get your rosters and planning in place now. Your team will want to plan and so will your clients so get everything in place nice and early.

Good Friday is 10th April, Easter Saturday (check your state requirement as there appears there are some variations to this) and Easter Monday is the 13th. Anzac Day is Saturday 25th (Saturday day is a public holiday; however, no replacement holiday is given except in WA).
If you are looking for some really special Easter treats to have in your salon my favourite chocolate wholesaler, Belgian Delights, has some wonderful things in their Easter catalogue. Use your ABN and buy at wholesale, not retail.     https://www.belgiandelights.com.au/


A variety of workshops have already been scheduled for the first half of 2020 in both regional and city locations.  For further details follow his social media platforms or website


Geoffrey also offers personalised education in your salon designed specifically to your requirements whether it be in cutting, colouring or styling.

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